Amazing Life Hacks you must try at your home

life hacks

A creative hack is something which causes the audience to say and try it in a positive sense. Sometimes you are buying too much fruits and vegetables and it will get perish soon. your copper or silver utensils will get black immediately and you are frustrated with that don’t worry there are some secret hacks you can try at your home which will help you to make your home a better place to live. These are the things which pass from one generation to others. These are passed to us from our grandmothers and mothers and definitely will work in future too. Let’s discuss some amazing hacks you can try at your home

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1. Copper blackish -Polish copper with ketchup- if your copper item  is looking tarnished take some ketchup on a rag and sprinkle some salt over it rub the mixture on your copper product and repeat it until you tried it on every nook and corner. Then rinse it off with and it will resume back its shine

2. Add storage to your sink- don’t put wet sponge in the sink after washing dishes use the holder which have draining slots and dry up all the things after cleaning

3. When you are travelling anywhere keep a bar of scented soap in the same compartment as your dirty laundry. It will keep your clothes smelling clean.

4. While boiling eggs add one teaspoon of baking soda it will make the shell come out effortlessly and will save your time.

5. if you are always failing to organize your wardrobe stack your clothes vertically so that you would be able to see them all.

6. If you are facing problem in cleaning the blender follow the right way  first put soap in blender then add water  and whirl it on grinder now just rinse it with water and done.

7. If your shower is clogged or some residue is built up on the head of shower just tie a baggage of vinegar around a shower head leave it overnight and it will clean everything off without any hardship.

8. If you want fresh bananas every time keep a plastic wrap on the banana stems to make them stay fresh over a week and longer. Cut Bananas whenever needed.

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9. Always Place a piece of paper at the bottom of the dustbin it will absorb the wet waste.

10. if you want that you silver jewellery will shine bright apply some toothpaste on it

11. if a lid is struck pour some hot water over it and leave it for few minutes it will open easily.

12.if you have bad body odour you can apply lemon and orange ubtan to remove body odour.

13. Dip your nails in to ice water to quick dry your nail paint. it will get dry in minutes.

14. Facing problem of Bad smell in fridge cut lemon in to half and place it in fridge you will no more get the bad smell.

15. want to put extra shine on your teeth brush your teeth with a touch of salt to the toothpaste. It will make your teeth shine and eliminate the yellow surface from your teeth.

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