How to be a Perfect and Graceful Indian Bride to be

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Marriage is a big day for Indian bride to be. Everything is important for her on this day. Indian brides has to attend many rituals pre and post wedding so everything should be properly planned from wedding dress to wedding chuda and perfection should be there from puja to vidai. Lets make a checklist of wedding essentials first

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1. Most important essential of the wedding day is of course wedding dress as it is the most important thing for a bride it does not matter whether you are doing registered marriage or lavish wedding the most attention is paid to the wedding outfit of the bride.

2. Makeup Artist-you need to check the availability of the makeup artist on wedding day who will finalise your look for the wedding day. Proper make up with best hairstyling can make a bride graceful and perfect.

3. Packing of luggage-you need to sort it out your dresses to be worn after your wedding day and should be properly packed up before your wedding day. You have to pack all the necessary things like make up kit accessories credit cards and toiletries with you

4. Jewellery and Sandals-you need to carry handy your footwear and the jewellery should be worn on the wedding day. Choose heels or flat footwear as per your comfort and look of the dress. Jewellery should be matching with your outfit and should be lightweight and comfortable to wear.

5. Meals and Refreshments- bride need to refreshed and glorious on her wedding day. Keep on having refreshments according to your taste schedules. Your wedding should be scheduled long so you need some refreshments and meals for yourself too.

6. A bride should carry her mobile phone handy contact immediately in case of any delay in makeup room or any emergency or stress

7. Tissues should be carried in your bag to wipe off the sweat on your face or remove any extra make up.

8. Carry the lipstick you apply on your wedding day with you so that any kind of touch up required can be done immediately.

9. Safety pins and bobby pins should be carried in your bag to cover up any dress defects or hair style ruining.

10. Carry first aid like aspirin, band aid and painkillers if required as marriage day is hectic and these are common medicines which will give you relief from headaches or body aches.

11. Drink lots of water to hydrate your body and fruit juices to detoxify your body and keep you healthy and balanced till wedding day.

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12. Don’t overburden yourself on the wedding day and release all the responsibilities of work and house delegated to your friends and other family members.

13. Always take healthy meals to be in shape till wedding day and cut down the fat intake in your body to avoid extra fat on your body.

Relax and rejoice on your wedding day as this day memories will keep you refreshed whole life and you will cherish each and every moment of this day lifelong.

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