Basic relationship rights you should seek from your better half


Human beings were born to love, and intimacy between two individuals is just a normal course of nature. However, relationships can be tricky given the fact that every individual has different requirements when it comes to love and bonding. Here are some basic things that need to be a part of your relationship for the long-lasting bond.


Words and physical gestures play a major role when it comes to showing affection towards your better half. Small things such as kissing, back rubs, foot massage or a simple yet affectionate hug can say a lot about the intimacy you share with your partner. This should always be a two-sided effort and not just from one partner. Affection keeps up the light of love shining for long.


Women are blessed with ample compassion, but very few of us know that even men are capable of displaying compassion. If your partner is hurting, tend to his wounds with words or physical effort to show that you understand and care. Feelings of anything that happens in your life might differ, but that doesn’t mean a couple has to fight to get his/her last say. Respect your individual choices while being in love.


Always respect each other’s boundaries when in a relationship. Humour is good but not always. You might love a joke or two, but that doesn’t mean your partner would like them. Try and understand the things that define him/her. Admit your strengths and weakness while admiring the strengths of your better half and standing by him for his weaknesses. You should refrain from engaging in distortion of the boundaries set by your better half.

4-Invest Time:

Each relationship requires efforts and sacrifice to last long. Things won’t work out if you don’t know each other properly. Priority should always be your partner. Once in a week or so keep aside your work and focus on your partner and get to know each other. Try playing some fun games or plan a trip together to see an entirely new side of your partner. This strengthens the bond between couples which is the basic requirement.

5-Interests: If materialistic things get more attention from you as compared to the interest rendered by you towards your partner, it is obvious that things will start to tear apart. Being in a relationship with a person who doesn’t show interest in your likes and dislikes isn’t worth investing your time and effort. You deserve someone who is curious about you and what defines you as a person.

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