Best Dinner Sets You can Gift in Festival Season

dinner sets

Dinner sets are important crockery item in our house .A Good dinner set is an added compliment to  your dining table decor.  These are best to serve on parties and for any important occasion. We have to look for the best features while looking for a best dinner set like scratch resistant, Sturdy, Microwave safe and last long. You can pick the best dinner sets online

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What Qualities we look in a best dinner set

Material of the dinner set is the first thing you will look in a dinners set. The recent popular Casual dinner sets are made up of bamboo, earthenware or steel. Other best options are Porcelain and Glass. If we talk about the formal dinner sets these are made up of Bone china, Crystal and Stoneware. If you want to serve family and Guests you can best buy 20 pieces of dinner set which can give service to more than four persons.

Best Dinner sets available in India for Gifting

1. Amazon Brand – Solimo Opal ware Dinner Set, 27 Pieces (spring), White- This kind of 27 Piece dinner set is suitable for a family of 6 people. It can be made with opal Glass which is free from bone ash. You can easily clean it with sponge wash and avoid the use of scourers. It is made up with toughened glass

Which is making it durable addition for everyday use. It is very lightweight and stack-able which makes it easy to use clean and to store. Its colour is transparent and looks quite elegant.

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2. Cello Opal ware Dazzle Tropical Lagoon Dinner Set, 18Pcs, White- it is made up with most advanced German technology as per European standards In India. It is bacteria free non Porous and hygienic for your family. It is 100 percent vegetarian bone ash free and made up of green material. It has no cracks on heating food in microwave from refrigerator. It is break and chip resistant and excellent for everyday use. This is 100 percent hygienic and lightweight and easy to clean and strong. It has vibrant designs that make dazzling white wares look beautiful.

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3. Larah by Borosil Green Leaves Silk Series Opal ware Dinner Set, 35 Pieces, White- it is made in India with automated  advance technology as Per highest standards. It is 100 percent vegetarian and quickly cleaned with soft sponge it will have no cracks on heating food in microwave directly from refrigerator. It is ideal for everyday purpose. and fully tempered toughened glass.

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4. La Opala Dinner set- la opala dinner set you can use it on everyday or occasional. It is perfect in its simple design and lightweight nature for ease of use. If you will heat food in it using microwave it will last long while offering hygiene and safety each time. It is FDA approved and fade resistant to last you longer than ordinary dinner sets.

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5. Cello Amber Gold Royal Series Opalware Dinner Set, 33 Pieces, Service for 6, White- this Dinner set is scratch resistant Microwave safe lightweight and easily stackable. It brings the family together for an elegant dinner. It is the perfect choice to impress your guests it is ideal for everyday usage.

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