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Dhanteras is also known as DhanaTrayodashi which is The first day that marks the festival of Diwali In India . The festival of diwali begins from Dhanteras this is the auspicious festival when people worship the gods of wealth and prosperity. Dhan means wealth and teras means thirteenth on Dhanteras Goddess lakshmi and Lord Kuber God of wealth are worshipped on the Trayodashi of Krishna paksha in the month of kartik. As per ancient beliefs you should lit 13 diyas on Dhanteras according to the popular belief thirteen laps are dedicated to Lord Kuber who is mainly considered the lord of wealth and splendor. Dhanteras is believed to be extremely lucky for making new purchases like gold and silver jewellery and new kitchenware. Let’s discuss beautiful and auspicious things you can buy on this dhanteras

1. Gold and silver – You can Purchase Gold and silver on this day. It is considered that buying silver or Gold will bring good luck on this day. Some people open new bank accounts, purchase stocks, Real estate or start a new business on this day.

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2. Utensils- Purchasing utensils on dhanteras is also believed to be auspicious. it is usual to buy brass  cookware and place it the east direction of your home.

3. Electronics and home appliance- you can also buy a new phone, laptop or other electric equipment on this day . You can also buy any Home appliance such as televisions, washing machines, refrigerators and other gadgets.

4.Gomti Chakra- Gomti chakra is a rare kind of Sea snail  found mostly in Gomti river .It is significantly vital to Hindus. It is strongly believed that it will safeguard children as well as provide wealth , health and success

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5. Lakshmi and Ganesh Idols- Goddess Lakshmi and Ganesh Idols are doors to wealth and prosperity. if you will purchase Lakshmi and Ganesha Idols made up of metals like silver or Gold it proved to be beneficial for you entire Year.

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