Budgeted Non Electric water Purifier for Your home Use

Non Electric water purifier

Clean water is a basic requirement for everybody. It is essential to maintain good health and has to prevent water born diseases. Non electric water purifiers are budgeted and best for purification of water and the best thing is that they do not require electricity for this function. Isn’t it Amazing? They are also so much useful during the time when there is electricity outages and natural disasters. it will ensure that clean water is still accessible without electricity. These are portable and lightweight and easy to transport from one place to another. It is ideal for short Picnics and other outdoor activities. These kind of purifiers are often preferred because of low maintenance. Lets discuss best Non electric water purifiers available in the market.

1. Kent Gold Optima- Its color is Aqua Blue and having 2 stages of purification. It has filtration capacity of 0.31 liters per minute. It has storage capacity of 5 liters of water. It will purify the water by hollow fiber ultra filtration membrane. It will sue nano silver carbon for better filtration process.  The expected life of the membrane is 4000 liters. It has transparent tank made of unbreakable ABS food Grade plastic. It has no chemicals like chlorine Bromine or iodine used for purification thereby  providing healthier and tastier drinking water.

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2. Tata Swach Cristella advance- it is Gravity driven Ultra hollow fiber membrane filtration process water purifier.it has capacity of 18 Litres 9 litres of pure water storage in lower container and 9 litres of water storage in Upper container. It has Advance technology which meets the log reduction value (LRV) for bacteria , Viruses and cysts as per USEPA Guideline.  It has cartridge life up to 6000 litres and can work wide range of PH (5.5-9.0) and TDS up to (up to 1500 PPM).

3. Aqua Dove Non electric Filter- it Is non electric water purifier with UF technology by Aqua Dove  It has 4 stages of purification  It has ABS Food grade plastic cabinet , UF membrane removes Virus bacteria and Turbidity this UF membrane has 1 year warranty. It has no use of chemicals so best for drinking water in home. It removes virus form the drinking water and provides pure drinking water.

4. Nexqua Dew Uf Non electric water filter- it Holds 7 litres of Purified water. It is designed for home use for 4 to 6 people.  It has filter life of up to 3000 litres per filter segment. It has slow filtration process removes maximum impurities and serves you purest drinking water.  It is economical , and run on low running cost it is safe and provide you crystal clear drinking water.

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5. Konvio Neer gravity Non electric filter- It has storage capacity of 14 liters.  It has non electric and chemical free purification.  It has purified water of 6.8 L and water tank 7.2 L. it has Gravity based UF water purification.  It has 6 months warranty on Manufacturing defects only.

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