Top Toothpaste Brands available in India

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It is crucial to use toothpaste since it promotes general health. It plays a significant role in our everyday activities. The greatest toothpaste should be chosen in order to preserve our cleanliness and wellness. Your teeth will be shielded from microorganisms and cavities by a flawless tooth paste. Additionally, it will fix the teeth’s weak point and sensitivity, give them strength, and make them appear whiter. Let’s talk about the top toothpaste brands on the market.

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1. Colgate – Colgate toothpaste is the finest toothpaste for preventing cavities, gingivitis, and other nasty bacteria that lead to issues like foul breath. This toothpaste has been approved by dental professionals to prevent any dental problems. The breakthrough whitening solution in Colgate visible white toothpaste uses active oxygen to brighten teeth. It has used active oxygen’s strength. The stains on the teeth are reduced by this innovative whitening product, which contains millions of oxygen bubbles that are active both on the surface and inside the tooth. You will experience a unique warming sensation as you brush which indicates theta the formula is working. It is gentle on enamel , vegan Gluten free and having recyclable tube.

2. Pepsodent- Pepsodent is one of the top brands for oral care products and was introduced in India in 1992. It provides a variety of toothpaste and toothbrushes to meet different oral hygiene requirements. It combats bacteria and concentrates on the general well being of the entire mouth. It contains advantages that have been scientifically shown to assist your family’s oral health. It stops plaque from growing and prevents cavities. Choose Pepsodent Germi check 8 actions toothpaste for your entire family’s oral health. It will emphasise cavities prevention, plaque removal, and fights bad breath, promotes healthy gums, white teeth, gives off a pleasant scent, protects teeth from staining.

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3. Sensodyne- sensodyne is a dialy toothpaste which is specially formulated to relieve and protect against the tooth sensitivity. It is number one recommended toothpaste brand for sensitive teeth.  You can use it everyday to get relieve from tooth sensitivity and to also keep it from returning. It is one of the most popular sensitivity toothpaste it is definitely worth for the price paid for this product if you are suffering from sensitive teeth problem. Sensodyne repair and protect provides daily protection against teeth sensitivity. This tooth paste also contains fluoride that strengthens the teeth and prevents tooth and decay. It will make your gums healthy and strong.

4. Himalaya- Himalaya toothpaste is best and has an advanced herbal formulation that only protects from germs and has also antioxidants which helps to protect the teeth against free radicals and helps maintain gums in good health. It helps in preventing common problems of teeth like cavities, toothache, tooth decay, plaque, tartar, bleeding gums and other Gum problems.  It is enriched with goodness of neem, Miswak and triphala.

5. Dabur- Dabur makes your tooth strong and white This paste contain maricha, pippali,  sunthi, lavanga, karpura ,pudina and many more things. It is pure herbal and veg toothpaste and makes your teeth strong and gum free and reduced the bad breadth. Dabur red toothpaste is Fluoride free and contains the goodness of 13 Ayurvedic ingredients these ingredients are highly potent and treat several dental issues. This paste contains Pudina which prevents bad breadth and keeps you fresh all day long.

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