Colleges to start issuing the driving licence to its students! Here’s the detail news


As per recent notification by the Transport Department, Delhi Government has allowed colleges and many other educational institutes to issue the driving license to students. This approach has been applied to lower the load of the driving schools and also RTOs which is Regional Transport Offices.

This project was recently launched by the AAP government. According to this, students will now be able to apply for their driving licenses in the following institutions:  ITI Pusa, G.B Pant Insititute of Technology, Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, and Acharya Narendra Dev College.

If you go by the media reports, two colleges in Delhi have already started to issue learners license to students and two more will begin this service soon after the admission formalities are over of their respective colleges. Also, more than 10 Delhi University affiliated colleges will start issuing the driving licence in a few months.

Students are expected to benefit from this project. As per the state government around 2 lakhs students who are already studying in different colleges, ITIs, and polytechnic institutions in Delhi will get the benefit.

Moving forward, the state government is also making plans to expand similar services for vehicle registration as well. Until now, vehicle registry is only issued by the owner or different dealers who sell brand new and old cars.

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