Oily scalp during winters follow the steps to get rid of the hair problem in winters


Winters is a season where washing hair is a touch task for all. Some common mistakes we are doing which makes our hair greasy. Each one of us is having a problem of oily scalp during winters often. If your hair has excessive production of sebum oil which is present in your scalp and essential for the growth of your hair and its excessive production can lead to a number of issues like oily hair and dandruff, itching and irritation.

Some common mistakes we are doing which makes our hair oily

If we are not washing our hair frequently for multiple days it will definitely impact your scalp health. Excess oil and dirt dead skin and dust particles will mingle and will be the cause of oily hair and dandruff in the hair.

If you are washing your hair more frequently this will also damage your hair quality over washing of your hair will strip off essential oil from your scalp. If you have oily hair you have to wash it to get back in to normal hair condition.

If you are washing your hair with very hot water it will increase dryness in your scalp and overproduction of oil in the scalp which results so much oily hair.

If you are washing your hair with the wrong shampoo which not up to the quality and condition of your hair we have to use a gentle shampoo as per texture and quality of our hair.wash your hair at least two times a week if you want your scalp oil free.

 Brushing your hair frequently and touching your hair with dirty hands will damage your scalp quality as well. If you are frequently wearing woollen caps scarf on your head for long hours can cause sweat more and will make your head oilier and leads to excessive dandruff.

Tips to follow which will prevent an oily scalp

Always keep your hands towels pillows and combs clean to avoid any dust transmission to your hair.

Avoid tying your hair tight always as it will add more oil to your scalp and dirt placed on top of it will be a cause of dandruff.

Make your diet full of potassium Vitamin A C and B so that your hair will become shiny and voluminous.

Just avoid eating junk food and fried food.

If your hair problems are still increasing visit a dermatologist soon

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