Complete your make up look with these Best Lipstick Brands


Lipstick is an essential product for every women .The overall make up look is incomplete without lipstick. it offers a shine and definition to the face make up which will not get unnoticed .there is a huge variety of lipsticks are there in market so it is difficult to choose the right one for yourself. Let’s discuss some brands which are affordable and prestigious

1. Maybelline- Maybelline is famous brand for cosmetics which is based in USA and has been in India for some time it sells quality make up products like eye shades, eyeliners and mascara and kajal pencils. it has a wide range of lipsticks Maybelline newyork color sensational range. Best Buy@Amazon

2. Lakme- Lakme is renowned Indian cosmetic brand first product of Lakme was Lip balm called Lakme Baby Lips . Lakme has an exceptional range of lipsticks in affordable prices.Best Buy@Amazon

3. L’oreal- L’Oreal is another Indian cosmetic brand which was in to existence since 1950. The first product of L’Oreal india is Loreal Baby lips and after that it has an expanded range of eye shadows,eyeliner and kajal pencils. Best Buy@Amazon

4. Sugar-Sugar is yet another Indian cosmetic brand since 2012. It also has an expanded range of products like eye shadows eyeliner and kajals. Best Buy@Amazon

5. Faces Canada- faces Canada is another trusted brand in cosmetics which has an excellent range of products like eye shadows, lipsticks and kajal pencils. Best Buy@Amazon

Types of lipsticks

There are three types of lipsticks in market

1. Liquid lipstick

2. Stick lipstick

3. Aerosol lipstick

Liquid lipstick is most common type of lipstick which has liquid application stick lipstick is made from a stick which can be applied on lips like a balm. Aerosol lipstick is an advanced type of lipstick that comes in many flavours and can be sprayed or applied with the help of a wand.

When choosing a right lipstick for you always pick the lipstick which is long lasting and can be worn for hours without feeling cakey or sticky and it must show on lips with a non stick finish so that your lips don’t get so much oily.

 My favourite lipstick color Ranges

1. If you are looking for the best and many colors in affordable price Choose Renee Fab 5 Matte Finish 5 in 1 lipstick 7.5 gm this pack has 5 shades of wonder lipsticks in an affordable price of 525 only on Amazon.

2. Looking for Super stay Matte make up Buy Maybelline super stay crayon lipstick with great matte finish with pointy applicator for the best application on lips.

3. looking for a velvet finish on lips Go for Loreal paris Rouge signature matte liquid lipsticks at Amazon

4. Looking for smudge free lipstick go for sugar brand Smudge me not Lip duo on Amazon. it will make heads turn and colour are bold and beautiful.

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5. Lakme 9 to 5 Primer + Matte Lip color Matte Finish with 14 hour intense matte for unstoppable performance and long lasting.

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Which is your favourite color and brand in lipsticks  and tell the specific reason why you stick to that brand share in Comment

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