How Digital marketing is helpful in Business


Traditional methods of marketing now changed and replaced by online marketing which helps your business to grow and scale. The future of digital marketing is mainly focused on fast growing and profitable online market and its audience. Digital marketing provides more online tools and plans which helps to grow and upscale your business on the internet to connect with the new and potential client’s online generation of leads and sells products and services on regular basis.

Digital marketing is an important tool as it connects a business with its clients online. So main work of digital marketing is the promotion of brands to connect with potential clients and other forms of digital communication. It includes email, social media; web based advertising, text, multimedia message, blogs

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Types of Digital marketing

1. SEO

2. Content marketing

3. Social media marketing

4. Pay per click marketing

5. Affiliate Marketing

6. Native advertising

7. Email marketing

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1. SEO (Search Engine optimization) is a form of marketing in itself. It  basically the art of making web pages attractive to search engines the elements which makes  the Webpage SEO friendly is quality of content and level of user engagement mobile friendliness of a user and number of inbound clicks.

2. Content marketing- The main objective of content marketing is to attract leads which convert as consumers. Writers need to be able to rank highly in SEO to engage people to read the material provided and share it and further attach with the site or brand.

3. Social media marketing– Social media is driving traffic and brand awareness through social sites. The most popular platforms are Facebook, twitter and Instagram. You tube is another social platform for video engagement.

4. Pay per click Marketing- PPC or Pay per click is like posting an ad on a platform and paying every time someone clicks on it. It depends on various factors like Ad quality, keyword relevance, landing page quality and bid amount. You can track the conversions of the ad by your chosen platform.

5. Affiliate marketing- Affiliate marketing is like different person make money from promoting someone business. You could either be the promoter only or you will be the main person whose business is promoted

6. Native advertising– Native advertising or sponsored advertising is that type of advertising which is a paid media designed to match the content of a media source. You will find these ads in the form of sponsored content in your social media feed it looks like a website editorial content.

 7. Email marketing- Email marketing is very simple it is a kind of promotional message you will send in bulk to users and the prospects will click on it. The key factors of email marketing are containing individual content  body with subject line, states clearly about the emails the subscriber will get offers a unsubscribe option and integrates both promotional as well as transactional mails. it is a proven effective technique  all on its own.

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Benefits of digital marketing

1. Affordable and effective-Digital marketing reaches broader audience as compared to traditional marketing and affordable as well. If we consider costs of traditional marketing tools like newspaper ads or television spots the cost is high. You have no control that you are targeting the right consumers or not. But if talk about digital marketing creating one contents you can attract visitors on it as long as it is active. You can place email campaign which delivers the specific message to targeted consumers.

2. Review and check result-Digital marketing ads review and result checking is very simple. It automatically tracks the number of desired conversions you get by checking the open rate on e mail campaign, or by checking the visitors on your site home page or by counting the direct purchases done by that campaign shoot.

3. Immediate conversions- Digital marketing ads let your client take the action immediately while doing any other work. Old advertisement can’t provide immediate sale but with digital marketing you can click on a link or move through the sale funnel right away where you will purchase immediately. Here client will stay connected with you and gives you a chance to interact with them further.

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