Popular highlighters for a flawless finish to your makeup look


Highlighter is a product which provides attractive light and enhancing the skin tone. It can be used to accentuate and “lift” bone structure. It goes well with the high points of your face like cheekbones, brow bones, forehead and chin by highlighting these points your face gets a better dimension which will enhance your features in the best possible way.…

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Top Face washes you can use for your dry skin

best face wash

Dry skin is an uncomfortable condition which is marked by scaling, itching and cracking. There will be variety of reasons for Dry skin. You can have naturally Dry skin as well but if you are having oily skin sometimes you can develop dry skin due to different reasons like weather or lack of moisturizers application on your skin. In winters…

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Best and Popular Kajal Brands available in India


Bold and Beautiful eyes makes your appearance in a party strong and Beautiful. If you are tired or stressed from your daily routine a beautiful line up of kajal will make your appearance classy and hide your stress and fatigue from your face. Let’s discuss best and popular kajal brands available in Indian market. Good quality based kajals will cost…

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All you Need to know about Vitamin C Serums

Vitamin C serums are perfect for your skin as they shrink enlarged pores and give your skin a smoother and even appearance. It will help in strengthen the collagen fibres in the skin and increase the elasticity of the skin and the pores will get smaller over time by the use of vitamin C serum regularly. You can usually apply…

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Your skin will glow with these Best skin whitening creams in India


Skin whitening is the major concern of many women in India and you can achieve the right kind of fair skin with the help of various skin lightening creams available in India. First you have to know about your skin type to choose the best fairness cream lets discuss some best creams for your skin type which are available in…

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Complete your make up look with these Best Lipstick Brands


Lipstick is an essential product for every women .The overall make up look is incomplete without lipstick. it offers a shine and definition to the face make up which will not get unnoticed .there is a huge variety of lipsticks are there in market so it is difficult to choose the right one for yourself. Let’s discuss some brands which…

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Nourish Your Dry Lips with the care of Best Lip Balm

Lip Balm (1)

Dry lips can be occurred due to summers and extreme winters as well. Dry lips sometimes get cracked and blood takes out from the lips. Lip balms serves as butters is to protect the lips. They contains a moisturizing ingredient like petroleum jelly, shea butter  which prevents water loss in lips and some wax is also added to lip balms…

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