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Diwali decoration

Festival season is all about decorating your house and giving the classy and best gifts to your loved ones. Home decor items adds elegance to your home beauty and makes your dream home a perfect place to enjoy the festival season. As we all know that diwali is known as the festival of lights and one of the most celebrated festival all around India. people enjoy sweets exchange gifts, decorate their house with best decor items. It is a celebration of the victory of good over evil. Weeks before diwali people started to declutter their home and decor them with many beautiful home decor items like diyas,new home furnishing, flowers, vases and other beautiful and elegant decorative pieces. Lest discuss some best home decor items you can buy this festival season and decorate your house with them

1. Lights-You can decorate your house with beautiful lights like star curtain light which are best for indoor and outdoor decoration these lights are very easy to use and can be directly plugged and unplugged for power on and off. These lights are specially designed for a number of occasions like festival, holiday, shopping centre you can also decorate your house with waterproof silicon LED strips rope which is heat resistant and waterproof. These lights are best and also available in reasonable prices at Amazon.

2. Candles- candles are best for indoor and outdoor decoration. There are many kind of candles available online in various shapes and sizes and tones and colours. you can decorate your home with best floating candles and tea light candles on the corners of your house.  Some candles are coming with fruits aroma which are providing scented flame and fill your home with nice aroma which can move your mind diwali night candles are best thing to decorate your home.

3. Torans-Diwali torans are best for decorating the front of your house main home entrance decoration is must on festival season. These torans are available in different designs and shapes you can pick according to your choice. Torn garlands are premium and best for diwali decoration

4. Showpieces- you can buy best showpieces for your home decor whether metallic or non metallic as per your choice. These showpieces are looking best for your home decoration . lots of varieties are available online you can pick you can buy metal feng shui tortoise which is best as per vastu.

5. Tea light candle Holders- Tealight candle holders are best to decorate your house with classy look. These decor items are perfect for living room and bedroom and give you golden and other different coloured lights.

6. Electric diffuser Fragrance lamps- electric diffuser aroma lamps are best for festival decoration it provides best aroma to your home due to the presence of essential oils in it . The nice aroma will provide entire house a bliss during the celebration time. it will automatically relaxes your mind and calms your senses and improves your sleep and double your celebration of Diwali

7. Vases with different flowers- vases full of mixed fresh flowers are one of the best home decoration you can do on this festival season. you can keep it on the side table, dining table , living area or any such place it will give a nice feeling to your home and a classy look.

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