Diwali Laxmi Pooja 2022, Pooja Vidhi and shubh Mahurat

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People decorate their homes on Diwali with marigold flowers Ashoka and mango tree leaves for lakshmi Puja. Goddess Lakshmi is known as the Goddess of wealth and prosperity and people worship goddess lakshmi on the day of diwali. This year Lakshmi Poojan/Diwali pooja will be performed on October 24.

As we all know Diwali is celebrated every year on Amavasya Tithi of Krishna paksha in Kartik month lets discuss the other details of deepavali poojan.

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Lakshmi Poojan – How to Do Pooja

People usually decorate their homes and workplaces with Marigold Flowers and Ashoka and mango and banana leaves for deepavali poojan Some devotes observes a day fast on the day of lakshmi Pooja and they can have meals after performing deepavali pooja in the evening  The things required for deepawali pooja are Laxmi Idol,Kumkum, Chandan Paste, Gulal, Canphor/Kapor, Honey, Itar, Rose water,Ganga Jal, Akshat(Rice), Elaichi, Laung,Clove, Cardamom, 5 Pieces each,Supari, Lotus Seed , Panchmeva , Ghee Diya, Chunri, Batti 1 pack , Mauli, Agarbatti, some people read story of deepawali on the day of diwali during the pooja. Do aarti of laxmi .

Lakshmi Poojan Shubh Mahurat- according to drik panchang The subh mahurat of deepawali pooja is on October 24 from 4:46Am to 5:36 am and abhijit mahurat will be 11:43am to 12:28 pm. The timings of Vijaya Mahurat to come effect are 1:58Pm to 2:43Pm

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Significance of laxmi Pooja -According to Indian tradition Goddess mahalaxmi visits each house during diwali and showers her blessings of Luck wealth and host of other blessings if you are doing Mahalaxmi pooja on Diwali you will invite prosperity , wealth health and Abundance to the household.it is advised to wear clean clothes During diwali pooja and goddess laxmi prefers cleanliness and she will enter the cleanest house that day of diwali.lamps should be lit in the evening in order to light up the path and makes it easy for the Goddess to enter the house.

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Laxmi is worshipped along with Ganesh Idol who are the symbols of wisdom and auspiciousness. It is believed that Goddess laxmi will remove the troubles from the life of the people. People worship Goddess laxmi for spiritual prosperity and material abundance.

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