Decorative Plants that will transform your home garden into a paradise

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The desire to decorate our homes is instilled in us. It is more than just creative expression; it is also spiritually fulfilling. Our home is a place where we can relax after a long, tiring day. Thus, we all want our homes to reflect the best of ourselves. The best way to bring character and freshness into your home is to add indoor ornamental plants. The fresh aroma of green leaves and flowers soothes our senses and energizes our minds. Check out the ornamental plants we’ve got for you.

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Areca Palm-What better way to add some greenery to your living room than with an Areca Palm? Areca Palm, also known as Golden Cane Palm, is a stunning summer plant that thrives indoors. However, it requires a sufficient amount of water. Areca Palm’s large feathery leaves make it ideal for filling empty spaces in your home.

Snake Plant-Snake Plant, also known as Mother in Law’s tongue, is one of the best ornamental plants for sprucing up your home. The tall and tough sword-shaped leaves make it a stunning addition to your living room. However, make sure to purchase a sturdy pot for them.

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String of Pearls-Succulents are popular indoor plants (how to grow garlic at home). A string of pearls with trailing delicate round bead-shaped leaves makes an excellent hanging display on the high-rise walls of the living room.

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Peace Lily-Lily is one of the most beautiful flowers and is frequently used for gifting. The sturdy, glossy leaves and arum-shaped flowers make it an excellent choice for your living room’s centre table. This plant (how to grow tulsi at home) is also known for its air-purifying properties

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Begonia-Begonia is an excellent choice for adding colour to your living room. It can brighten up the room with its beautiful and colorful flowers. It grows quickly and is ideal for bedrooms and living rooms.

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