Popular Plywood brands available in India


Plywood is a lightweight, stronger, and less expensive alternative to wood. It is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs to make your interiors more visually appealing. The new age wood alternative checks all of the boxes for being chosen as a reliable resource to create valuable equipment that we use in our daily lives. However, proper plywood selection is critical to ensuring the strength and longevity of such pieces of equipment. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a list of the best plywood brand names and prices in India.

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1. CenturyPly- CenturyPly was founded in 1986 with the goal of transforming India through its products to meet people’s rising standards and modern lifestyles. It is one of India’s largest and best plywood companies, providing its customers with a wide range of options while ensuring quality and durability.

2. Solid Ply-Solid Ply Pvt Ltd. began as a small plywood trading company in 1975 and has since grown into a major player in the Indian plywood industry. The company’s headquarters are in Visakhapatnam, and it serves a large clientele across the country. It is well-known for producing high-quality products that are environmentally friendly. The brand’s plywood, blockboard, marine ply, flexi ply, and other products are known for their high quality and dependability, making them a popular choice among many.

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3. Ak –Apple Ply- The AK Group was founded in 1984 and has since grown to be one of India’s largest manufacturers of high-quality wood products. With its diverse product line, the brand is synonymous with quality, integrity, and versatility. This brand has it all, including premium plywood, blockboard, doors, laminates, and high-quality veneers.

4. Green Ply-GreenPly is a leading plywood company in India that offers home décor solutions. It began in 1984, with the establishment of a sawmill and the introduction of the plywood industry to India. Over the course of more than three decades, it has established numerous facilities and has consistently introduced products that are both durable and environmentally conscious. Its veneers give the houses a distinct and appealing appearance.

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5. SIPL Plywood-SIPL Plywood was founded in 1956 as a sawmill and primarily operated as a timber supplier. In 2017, it launched its own plywood business and established a standard manufacturing unit to compete with its rivals. SIPL introduced a unique range of plywood to the market, ensuring that customers were satisfied with all aspects while remaining cost-effective, making it one of the best waterproof plywood brands in India.

6. SNoogg-SNOOGG offers plywood in custom shapes and sizes for artwork and craft projects. Their products are designed to suit one’s artistic preferences.These SNOOGG MDF plaques can be customized to your specifications. The wood slices can be used to create props. In addition, the polished wooden circles have a smooth surface that is suitable for writing and drawing.

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7. Vortex-RC- Vortex-RC expands into the field of Radio-Controlled devices and models, taking the use of plywood to the next level. It provides plywood for hobby and entertainment purposes, as well as introducing aerosports to India. Its plywood provides aeroplane model design and construction, making it one of the best waterproof plywood brands in India.

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