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According to Vastu Shastra, everything placed in the house has an impact. Even the clock contains energy that can be positive or negative. According to Vastu, a clock installed correctly and in the correct direction generates positive energy, whereas placing a clock without following Vastu principles produces negative energy. Let us first understand the proper Vastu rules for placing a clock.

Guidelines for Placing A Clock:

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Avoid placing a clock above the main entrance door-Vastu does not recommend placing a clock above the main entrance door. This is thought to generate negative energy within the home, causing a variety of problems for the family members.

Avoid placing a clock in South direction of the house-In Vastu, installing a clock on a south-facing wall is considered inauspicious. This can make things difficult for household members. Because the south direction is associated with Yama, it is not considered favorable.

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Remove stopped clock from the house-Vastu says that leaving a stopped clock inside the house invites negative time. As a result, any stopped clock should be repaired as soon as possible. Avoid allowing any clock in the house to collect dust, as it impedes progress.

Don’t  Set the clock forward or back from the actual time-Some people put their clocks slightly ahead or behind the actual time, but Vastu does not consider this favorable. The clock should always be set to the correct time to ensure that time flows properly. Personal schedules are thought to be negatively impacted by incorrect clock times.

Pendulum clock are favorable in vastu- Clocks with swinging pendulum are considered auspicious in Vastu because they are thought to bring prosperity to the household. Round-shaped clocks are thought to promote positive energy in the home.               

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Appropriate Direction For Placing A Clock On A Wall- The north direction is the best for placing a clock on the wall. The north is associated with Kubera, the deity of wealth and prosperity. It is thought that placing a clock in this direction helps to alleviate financial difficulties for family members. If a clock cannot be placed in the north, it can be placed in the east, which is thought to be auspicious for attracting wealth.             

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