Do you want to read the deleted message on WhatsApp? Here’s how


Facebook-owned company WhatsApp has recently introduced a new feature which will let you delete a message that you have sent. This is known as the ‘delete for everyone feature’. So, no more worries about sending the wrong message to the wrong message. But the question is can you really delete such messages from your phone? As per a new report, WhatsApp message which you think you have deleted are still present on your device and can be accessed easily.

As per the Spanish Android blog Android Jefe, the deleted messages are still present in the notification tab of your mobile phone. If that is so, then the receiver can easily access that message and it doesn’t matter whether you have deleted them or not.

This is how you can read the deleted message that someone has sent you

  1. As per the blog, if a sender deleted the message, he can still read it by downloading a third-party app called “Notification History” which you can easily download from the Google Play store.
  2. Once you download it, you will have to search for that deleted message in the Android notification. If you know about the third-party apps like Nova Launcher, then this becomes even more easier.
  3. You can access the notification log easily, you don’t have to download another app for this. Simply press the home screen for a longer duration, then you will see Widgets, click it, after that Activities, click it again, go to settings, click on the notification log. This way you will be able to access the notification log.
  4. Even on the stock Android, a setting widget will also let you see the notification log too. There is one thing that you should know, this only work till you don’t restart your mobile, once restarted the notice goes away.

There is a restriction too, you can only see the first 100 characters of the message that has been deleted. If you have a running Android 7.0 and above, then only you will be able to see read the deleted message. Only text messages can be retrieved not the media files.

News for retrieving deleting messages have been making headlines earlier as well. Jonathan Zdziarski, iOS Expert, also claimed last year that WhatsApp saves chat log on your phone and devices despite the message being deleted.

The main purpose of introducing this “Delete for everyone” feature if to save ourselves from letting it be seen by the sender which we have sent by mistake. This one is the latest update by WhatsApp other than the blue tick feature.

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