Don’t ignore these signs it can be Warning signs of Lung Cancer

warning signs

Cancer we can say is a dangerous disease in which the cells of our body grow out of control. Lung Cancer begins in lungs and can spread to the lymph nodes or other parts of the body such as brain. Lung cancers is grouped in to two types one is Small cell and other is Non Small cell. Sometimes cancers that start from other organs like breast or kidney can sometimes spread in to lungs but these are not lung cancer the treatment will be done to the organ where the cancer starts means its Primary cancer site.

Early warning signs and symptoms of lung Cancer

1. Chronic cough which is persistent or worsens.

2. Sometimes Blood in cough

3. Pain in chest back or shoulders which worsen during breathing or laughing.

4. Shortness of breadth

5. Unexpected weight loss

6. Loss of appetite

7. Lung infections like pneumonia which won’t go away.

8. Feeling of tiredness

Some less common signs

1. Swelling in face or neck

2. Difficulty in swallow

3. Changes in appearance of fingers or finger clubbing

It is very important to see a doctor if you have such regular symptoms sometimes it is likely to be caused by something other than lung cancer. If you detect the cancer early more treatment options are available.

If the cancer will reach on an advanced stage it can spread to other parts of the body like bones, Liver or brain. If these body parts get affected new cancer symptoms will develop

1. Bone pain

2. swelling on face or neck area

3. Headaches, dizziness or limbs became weak

4. Jaundice

5. Lumps in Neck or collarbone

When to visit a doctor

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1. Cough is associated with cold and respiratory infection which will go away within a week but if you have a persistent cough which lasts for more than 3 weeks it is necessary to visit a doctor immediately without any delay. If your cough started most often produces blood or large amount of mucus it is advised to visit doctor immediately.

2. Shortness of breath occurs when lung cancer blocks or narrows an airway or a fluid from a long tumor builds up in the chest. If you find difficulty in breathing after climbing stairs or performing tasks don’t ignore it talk to your doctor about this difficulty.

3.  if you are having lung cancer it may cause pain in chest, Shoulders or back this will be the result of continuous cough throughout the day. You have to notice your chest pain as it is sharp, dull or constant

4. Notice a significant change in your voice if your voice sounds deeper, Hoarse or raspier consult your doctor.

5. Unexpected weight loss is also an indication of a serious disease. When cancer is present in your body the cancer cells will be using your energy. Don’t ignore a change in your weight if you are not trying to reduce weight.

Some common signs which indicates lung cancer

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1. Difficulty in swallowing

2. Swelling on face and neck

3. Blood clots

4. Difficulty in finger clubbing

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