Vastu tips you can follow to build a strong love bond with your life partner


Love, Care and Trust are the Pillars of a strong and healthy married life. Vastu Shastra can help to remove the negative energies from your life and bring positivity all around which will make you stress free. If you are planning your bed room as per vastu guidelines it will definitely improve your love relationship and makes a lovely and healthy connection between you and your partner. Let’s discuss some vastu tips you can follow in your home which will help to build a strong love bond with your life partner.

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1. Bedroom direction- choose the correct direction for your bedroom as it will develop love and intimacy between the couple. The ideal direction for having a bedroom is Southwest direction. Avoid Northeast Direction for your bedroom.

2. Clutter free-The bedroom should be clutter free and clean you can even place the electronic items like books and laptops in the separate room.

3. Correct Posture of sleeping- wife should always sleep left to her husband and the direction of your bed should be facing east it will enhance the love bond between them.

4. Avoid Thorny flowers or plants- Don’t keep thorny flowers and plants in your bedroom as it will increase stress between husband and wife.

5. Avoid Pictures of God and Goddesses In bedroom- Do not put pictures of God and Goddesses in bedroom of husband wife. You can either put a picture of your marriage or flowing water. As it is a symbol of love. You should place you wedding Picture on the eastern wall of the bedroom it would promote positivity to their relationship.

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6. You should use soothing colours in the bedroom for walls and decorative pieces. You can make the bedroom appearance appealing by making the use of colours like Hues of Pink, red or blue.

7. Place a pot of fresh flowers in your bedroom as they are lively and fragrant and bring positivity stability in your relationship.

8. Avoid mirrors facing the bed and they can stain the marital relationship and health of the couple would also be effected.

9. Avoid Using Metal Bed and it will disturb your sleep and Create tension among partners. Go for a single queen sized bed and a single big mattress as it would help in bonding and compatibility.

10.The bedroom of a couple should be of proper shape and avoid having Sharp corners or abrupt cuts

11. Financial stability is must for a married couple so keep your money and wealth in the Northern or eastern area of the house is necessary

12. If you want to live a healthy and prosperous love life  so you should keep decorative items in your room in two’s which is symbolic of love for example-A pair of doves, Love birds, dancing couples

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