Feng Shui-Recommended Home Decor Items that Bring Wealth and Good Fortune


Rebalancing one’s surroundings with the environment is the core of the age-old practice of feng shui. Luck, prosperity, and good fortune are encouraged by the ancient Chinese discipline of Feng Shui. Sculptures, paintings, plants, jewelry, and other good-for-luck Feng Shui things abound on the market. In addition, these products might improve your quality of life if they are positioned properly in your home or place of business.

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Six Feng Shui Home Decor Pieces That Bring Abundance

Painting with Flowing Water-Water is associated with wealth and good fortune in Chinese Feng Shui. Therefore, even only a picture of flowing water exhibited in your home will bring in money. Among the greatest Feng Shui items for good luck in a home are paintings with lovely landscapes and flowing water; they also improve the overall design. Make sure the layout of the image you choose will allow flowing water to enter your home and bring wealth with it, just as in the illustration.

Evil-Eye Hanging – The evil eye is an excellent Feng shui item for luck since it is a sign of protection. bad eyes are said to protect you from bad powers that might harm your home and wellbeing and balance out negative energy. Whether you use it as a key chain or as ornament for your living room, it will only bring good fortune.

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Crystal Lotus- When placed adjacent to a window, the Crystal Lotus, a representation of harmony, purity, and tranquility, aids in the transformation of negative energy into good energy. According to Feng Shui, if you wish to discover new love or rekindle your marriage, place a crystal lotus at the southwest corner of your bedroom. It also makes familial bonds stronger. When put at a workspace, the crystal lotus emits tenacity and endurance, making it an excellent Feng Shui object for good luck.

Money toad-In Feng Shui, the three-legged money toad, also known as Chan Chu or Jin Chan, attracts wealth and success to a home. Additionally, it keeps evil spirits away. Ensure that it faces inward and position it near the front entrance. To fully benefit from it, bind a red cloth around it to release its abilities. If your money frog arrives wearing scarlet clothing or sporting jewels, it is already activated.

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Metal wind chimes-Because they scatter negative energy and replace it with positive, wholesome energy, which awakens stagnant energy or chi, windchimes are among the most beneficial Feng Shui artifacts for luck. If you’re trying to have a kid, hang a six-metal rod wind chime in the west of your home. If you’re trying to develop your career, put it in the north of your home or place of business.

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Laughing Buddha- This happy-looking feng shui item is said to exude joy, bring positive energy into any environment, and bring the blessings of steady financial flow with it.

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