Make your Whatsapp Account secure with the 2 step verification ; Check Details


Whatsapp is planning to bring the 2 step verification process for desktop and web users. It is good feature for desktop users because 2 step verification will provide additional security for your whatsapp account. This feature is already available for android and ios users. Whatsapp 2 step verification is basically two factor authentication in which you can add extra security to your whatsapp account if you will set up 2 step verification when you open whatsapp on your phone you have to enter 6 digit pin to access your account. Lets discuss how you can easily enable 2 step verification on whatsapp if you don’t want to continue the feature you can disable it any time you want.

Steps to enable Two step verification on whatsapp

Open your whatsapp on your phone.

Now open the settings tab on whatsapp application.

Tap two step verification and tap on enable button

 Now you have to enter 6 digit pin number and confirm the same pin should be unique and easy so that you can easily remember.

You have to provide your email address you can skip it either it is required as with email id you can easily reset the 2 step verification. It is used to give your account extra security.

Click on next tab

Confirm your email address and click on save and thats it the two step verification is on.

Note if you will not provide your email address and you will forget your pin so you have to wait for 7 days to reset your PIN.  So fill your correct email address.

How to disable the two step verification

Open whatsapp settings

Click on Account  Two step verification

Click on disable

How to change Pin on two step verification

Open whatsapp settings

Click on Account then two step verification and change PIN

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