Frequent power cuts in your locality check smart solar inverters for power backup


Are you living in an area where frequent power cuts happen solar inverters are best option for you? It converts power from sun in to most useful energy and is often referred as the brain of solar system. This energy is used by domestic and commercial appliances. Power cuts are common during summers. An inverter guarantees you power till time electricity is back so if you want to invest in buying a best inverter for your home check the most efficient solar inverters.

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Major benefits of solar system

1. It is a clean source of energy- Fossil fuels are exhaustible and are not going to last forever. Fossil fuels creates pollution solar energy is a clean and green source of energy

2. It helps in saving a lot of money- sun is a free source of energy so if you are installing a solar inverter system you are able to generate electricity for free. Government of India provides subsidies for installing a solar inverter system.

3. It provides relief from long and frequent power cuts- if you are installing a solar inverter it will reduce your dependence on your local grid. Solar inverter system gained a lot of popularity in areas where there is no local grid.

List of top Solar inverters for power back up at home

1. Luminous Solar hybrid 1100/12V Home UPS

This solar inverter saves 25-30% on electricity bills by reducing the charging time with the help of intelligence logic control it will provide 1.5-3 units power savings a day with the help of solar optimization technique (iSOT) it has solar hybrid Ups with 80% efficiency.

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1. Supports Eco mode and Ups mode

2. Sine wave solar hybrid UPS with 80% efficiency.

3. 24 month warranty

2. Microtek inverter UPS EB 900

The Microtek inverter ups is an energy efficient inverter with a digital display and voltage range selection switch perfect choice for your home. It is very user friendly and easy to install. It has rated capacity of 800 w and power output of 672W which is more than sufficient to provide power to all appliances at your home.

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1. Digital display

2. easy to install

3. Voltage range selection switch

3. UTL Gamma Plus rMPPT Solar Hybrid Inverter 1000VA- 12Volt- 40Amp Charger

This is the best solar inverter it has controlled based design and pure sine wave with 100% tracking of solar panel. It is up to 30% more efficient. It has multi charging stage (bulk, Absorption & Flat)

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1. Built in rMPPT  change controller  with multicolour LCD display

2. Multi charging stage (Bulk, absorption, Flat)

3. priority selection PCU, Smart and Hybrid

4. V Guard 1200 S solar inverter

This hybrid inverter has smart app, turbo charging and emergency charging port features. it is less in terms of capacity but still efficient enough & powerful to support all sort of appliances.  It supports solar panels in 3 configurations 5 panels of 100W each 3 panels of 150w each and 2 panels of 250 W each. Its mobile application checks the backup time, reviews all the power cuts, reminds about distilling water in the battery and cleaning solar panels and tracks battery life. It has an emergency charging port that allows you to change you phones power banks and tablets.

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1. Smart App

2. Turbo charging

3. Emergency charging port

4. Pure sine wave technology

5. Smarten superb solar PCU inverter

It is superb in performance and fast switching solar inverter best for homes or commercial establishments. You can run big appliances like Acs geysers induction cookers on this and it requires low charging voltage. It is 30% more efficient than conventional PCUs it is a smart inverter with an option to disable charging by grid and features two cooling fans. However it does not support priority solar battery grid priority mode thus the user has to manually switch off the mains. It also not display the power saved in its display which is not satisfactory factor.

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1. 30% more efficient

2. 2 years warranty

3. capable to support big appliances

Home solar is a clean and emission free and renewable energy resource. These inverters are best to empower small businesses by reducing their energy needs and requirements.

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