Healthy Lifestyle-Foods which boost your immune system

Our body immune system helps us to protect against various kind of diseases, infections and inflammations. It really helps us to recover after injuries. Our body immunity can be enhanced by adding some important ingredients to our diet which helps us in digestion, and cleanse our body. There are some Ayurvedic healing properties by which one can build their Immunity and can lead a happy and healthy life.

Food items which boost Our Immunity

1. Amla – Amla is known as Indian gooseberry which can be used as juices, chyawanprash. It helps our body to digest food easily. It has high content of Vitamin C , Amino acids and minerals.

2. Ajwain– Ajwain also contains high digestive properties which help in removing toxins from our body. And helps in weight loss and contains healing properties which will improve joint pains.

3. Cumin– It helps in digesting our food and it is a metabolism enhancer as well. It helps the body in absorbing the nutrients.

4. Garlic– it is a powerhouse of nutrients and also to cure body skin infections. It helps in fighting bacteria viruses and fungi. It also helps in lower the cholesterol level in our body.

5. Ginger– it is full of antioxidants and works best meals as taste enhancer. You can add it in juices and stir fried preparations.

6. Mushrooms– Mushrooms are a great source of Vitamin B and mineral selenium. Low selenium can lead to severe Flu and Vitamin B play an important role in building a great immune system of the body.

If you are eating a variety of foods that will definitely boost your immunity. if you are eating  a restricted diet it means your body will lack the available nutrients of the body and that will lead to medical problems. Foods which are rich in Vitamin C such as amla and lemon are immune boosters for your body. Turmeric which is commonly found in our kitchens is also contains antioxidants and a antibiotic as well. Eggs are also a great source of Vitamin D these things are not only essential for bone health but increase your overall immunity.

7. Spinach– spinach is great source of Iron and full of nutrients like folate which helps our body to make new cells. It is  a green vegetable full of good taste and healthy nutrients.

8. Turmeric– it is a Natural spice which helps our body in better digestion. It has a good healing effect both internal as well as external. it helps in healing wounds and gives a healthy glow on face if you apply it as a mask.

Maintaining hygiene a habit is the best way by which we can keep our body healthy and immune. washing your hands daily ,using sanitizers, cover nose while sneezing and avoiding busy and crowded places is the need of the hour now a days.

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