Pan Adhaar Linking- How to Link Pan with Adhaar card Online


Our Indian Government has made linking of Pan (Permanent Account number) with Adhaar card mandatory. It is now mandatory for all citizens to link their Adhaar card with their Pan card. If you will not do it your Pan will become inoperative from April 1 and also you will get a penalty of 10000 for not doing the same.

The central Board of direct Taxes (CBDT) has also clearly mentioned it that Indian citizens has to link their adhaar card to their Pan Card. If you are not doing so it will not be able to use pan cards for financial transactions like opening of a bank account and also you will not be able to avail monetary benefits like pension scheme  scholarship and even LPG subsidy as well.

Linking of Adhaar card to Pan Card Online

1. First of all you have to keep your adhaar card and Pan card handy with you. Because you have to fill their details online.

2.  Now visit the e-filing portal of The IT department

3. Under the quick links you have to click on the Link Adhaar on the left side of the webpage.

4. Now you will get directed to a new page.

5. Now Enter your Pan, Adhaar Number and other required details like your name as per Adhaar card .

6. You have to tick on the box only if your date of birth is mentioned in your Adhaar card.

7. You have to Mark “I agree to validate my Adhaar details with UIDAI” if you agree to do so.

8. Now enter the capcha code on the screen.

9. Now click on Link Adhaar button and submit you request.

Linking of Pan card to Adhaar by mobile phone

1. you can send SMS to 567678 or 56161 in format : UIDPAN <12 digit Adhaar><10 digit Pan>

Suppose your  Adhaar number is 101964743150 and your Pan number is ARZMP2134F so you can Type UIDAI Space 101964743150 ARZMP2134F and you have to send it to 567678 or 56161

You will get notification once your Pan Adhaar linking will be done successfully.

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