Healthy lifestyle-Foods which provides Zinc and boost your immunity; check List

Zinc plays an important role in boosting our immunity. Some foods contain a good amount of Zinc and good thing is that these are easily available in our kitchen. So have a look on the items. It is true that if we have a good immune system we be free from all diseases. We all are always concentrating on items which contain Vitamin C. But apart from vitamin  C Zinc also plays a major role in boosting our immunity. By consuming a diet which is rich in Zinc will help to raise your immunity. It is also very important for good skin,eyes and hair.

Food items Rich in Zinc

1. Fish- Fish is a great source of Zinc if we are consuming fish twice in a week it will boost our immunity. We can consume chicken and lamb also.

2. Eggs- consuming egg everyday will also a good source of Zinc it will increase our immunity.

3. Curd- Curd will provide us good bacteria and also provides zinc for better immunity. It will improve your digestion and increase your immunity.

4. Nuts and Seeds- we can have nuts for better immunity like almonds,walnuts,raisins  with seeds like sunflower seeds,pumpkin seeds, we can mix it with cereals and these nuts and seeds will enhance your immunity.

5. Chickpeas- Chana or chickpeas are a great source of Zinc . we normally found chickpeas easily in our kitchen. Chickpeas taste good and a wholesome meal for lunch or you can make chickpea salad as well.

6. Berries- Berries such as blueberries and raspberries are fruits which are full of zinc and good in taste. These are full of nutrients which will enhance your immunity.

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