Here’s how to apply for a marriage certificate


A marriage certificate is a proof for two married people to identify their marital status. It is an official document stating that two individuals are married. In the year 2006, the Supreme Court has made it mandatory for all the married people and people who are getting married to register their marriage. This is done for the protection of women.

How to apply for marriage registration?

Well, in India you can either register your marriage under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 or you can register it under the Special Marriage Act, 1954.

Here’s how to do that.

  • If you are registering under the Hindu act, then the first thing to do is to apply for it at the Sub-Divisional Magistrate office.
  • An application form will be given to you and you need to fill it completely and make sure that it is signed by both husband and wife.
  • Document verification will be performed on the day when you will apply for the application and you will be given a fate of appointment for the registration. You will be informed about the same too.
  • Now, you will have to be present with a gazetted officer who was present on your wedding day on the same day and then the certificate will be issued.

Following are the documents required for the registration of marriage:

  • For proof of address- you can give Ration card/voter ID/ Driving Licence or Passport
  • Date of birth certificate will be required of both husband and wife
  • The application form filled completely by husband and wife
  • 1 marriage photograph and 2 passport size photos will be required
  • Marriage affidavit will also be required by both husband and wife in a prescribed format
  • Marriage invitation card
  • Aadhar card
  • Also, all the above documents have to be self-attested

If you are applying online, then here’s what you need to do:

  • First, select your district
  • Start filling in the husband’s information and then choose “registration of marriage”
  • Once you choose “registration of marriage”, fill in the form and pick the date of appointment
  • Submit your application now
  • You will be provided with an acknowledgment slip with a temporary number on it.
  • Your application is done, take a print out of the acknowledgment slip.

How long will it take to get an appointment?

If you are registering under Hindu marriage act, then you will get an appointment within 15 days but if you are registering under Special marriage act, then it might take up to 60 days.

Who can be your witness?

Anyone who has attended your wedding and who has a PAN card can become a witness.

What is a Tatkal marriage certificate?

In the year 2014, the Revenue Department of the government of Delhi launched a single day authorization service for marriage known as ‘tatkal’ where the marriage registration will be processed under priority. Under this service you will be able to get your marriage certificate within 24 hours, however, you will have to pay Rs. 10,000 as a fee.

Why is marriage certificate important?

  • Any wedded person who is applying for a bank account or passport after his marriage will require to submit their marriage certificate.
  • Marriage certificate are beneficial in obtaining VISAS too both for the wife and the husband.
  • Embassies abroad and in India don’t recognize the traditional Indian wedding and that’s why your marriage certificate becomes extremely important when you wish to travel abroad with your partner.
  • At the demise of the spouse, it becomes necessary to submit the marriage certificate to claim life insurance.


  • If you are registering under the Hindu Marriage Act, then you will have to pay a fee of Rs. 100/-.
  • If you are registering under the Special Marriage Act, then the charge will be Rs.150/-
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  1. Ashish Kumar

    What would be the time to make a marriage certificate? How can we apply it online. How can we apply it online.

  2. Ashish Kumar

    What is the fees of marriage certificate after six months?

  3. Gautam Rao

    Marriage as a concept is OUTDATED AND RETARDED. Marriage is organized legal terrorism cum blackmail of men and legalized prostitution with a certificate. As simple as that. This system should be discarded. Marriage is life threat for men. A real death warrant.

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