How to avoid downloading fake apps on your smartphone


Many a time you might have downloaded fake applications in your device and may not have known. However, downloading these fake applications can cause dire consequences which you should be aware of. It can harm your device plus the danger of losing personal information and other essential information. That’s why you should always download genuine apps only. Fake apps will always be there, but a few little precautions can save you from download malicious software which can destroy your device.

Download from official sites only

While searching for certain apps on the web make sure to download it only from the official site. You might feel that everything looks the same and you feel prompted to download it from somewhere else, but beware and no matter what download it only from the official site. The official site can also have contents which could be fraud or malicious but the official sites will remove such apps as soon as they can. That’s why only choose an official site.

Make sure to read the app’s description

Official sites will never make a mistake of uploading contents which are full of grammatical and spelling error, make sure to read the app’s description every time you try to download something if you see errors and mistakes then bid the site goodbye right away.

Read reviews

Reviews can save you a lot from downloading fake apps. It won’t take a lot of time in reading reviews and when it’s about your mobiles or device’s safety make sure to invest some time in reading the reviews. If it is a fake app, then there will be some reviews mentioning that for sure.

Check the developers’ background

Just like the reviews, you should also make it a habit to read about the developers too. Check everything, whether they have a social media platform or a website, if you find something fishy and can’t find any way to reach them then you have detected a fraud.

The number of downloads

Another good way to find if the developer is fraud or not is to check the number of downloads that have been done along with the reviews.

These are just some of our suggestions that we have provided and we hope that this will help you from downloading anything malicious. Nothing is full proof but it is always better to be prepared than downloading something blindly.

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