Indian Cricketer Paid INR 7,00,000 For Food Bill


The former cricketer who has now turned commentator recently tweeted a picture on his twitter handle which shows the food bill’s amount to be 6,99,930 that is almost equal to 7 lakhs.

People were stunned to see this photo and they could not digest that a person paid 7 lakhs for a one time meal and that too for a typical indian food.

There were lots of comment on the tweet some of them were very funny and some nearly took it to the heart saying you could have fed a lot of poor people with that amount.

Here are some of the comments.

Well there is no need for you to get all wooed up, Aakash is well known for his legendary wit, the actual thing is that he paid 6,99,930 Indonesian Rupiah for that meal which turns out to be nearly 3,322 indian Rupees.

He got us all with this post, even if for a bit.

what’s the most expensive meal u have ever had? Let us know in the comments section below.

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