Learn how to ace a job interview like a pro with these five essential tips


Most of us dread interviews, especially those about our professional lives. Assume you are sitting in the lobby outside an interview room, waiting for your turn to be called inside a room full of panelists. Hundreds of questions would run through your mind, including: What if I can’t answer anything? What if I fumble while responding? Or what if you say something foolish?

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Fortunately, this is a problem that many people face; from graduates to some of today’s brightest minds, everyone has experienced nervousness and anxiety when it comes to a job interview.

Now, given that this is one of the most common issues encountered by job seekers, what are the solutions? In this article, we will look at some of the strategies that experts believe will help candidates prepare for successful job interviews.

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Having confidence in your knowledge- One of the most important tips for acing an interview, according to experts, is to be confident in your knowledge. In other words, even if a candidate does not know the answer to every question, interviewers assess his or her confidence in responding to the question. Dr. Gautam Sarma, former Head of the Department of English at Cotton University and member of the Assam Public Service Commission’s (APSC) interview panels, stated that “confidence is an asset that every candidate should possess.” What we look for during interviews is how confident a candidate is throughout the process. You are more likely to be impressed by a confident candidate because it reflects his or her life approach.”

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Being honest with yourself- Another requirement for success at job interviews is honesty. Candidates should inform their prospective employer of any significant facts about themselves, as this will play an important role in the long run. A dishonest approach during an interview would only result in serious consequences. “There have been instances where candidates do not speak the truth when asked about their previous engagements, despite an interviewer being aware of the backstory,” said Prof Gayatree Goswami, former Head of Department of Education at Gauhati University. She added, “Being honest during an interview is always the best policy. Hold your ground. “A dishonest approach would only call a candidate’s integrity into question.”

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Positive attitude- If you want to land an interview soon, keep a positive attitude. According to experts, a positive attitude fosters a favorable environment throughout the interview process. Candidates who maintain a positive attitude are more likely to answer questions positively than those who are nervous or overconfident. Experts believe that, while it is normal to not know everything, candidates who respond positively to a question impress the interviewer.

Avoid showing too confident and desperate- Being overconfident during a job interview is a clear red flag that can jeopardize your chances of landing the job. Going overboard with your confidence may make you appear desperate and boastful. “Overconfidence is often interpreted as arrogance, which does not sit well with an interviewer. During an interview, an interviewer looks to see if the candidate possesses the necessary skills and is a good fit for the position. Exaggerating a candidate’s skills and personality makes them appear inappropriate for the role.

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Being punctual on interview day- Although it is the last item on this list, it goes without saying that punctuality is essential for a successful interview. Being available and ready on time is one of the most important factors that interviewers consider during an interview because it indicates that the candidate will meet his targets before the deadline and will never be late for work. Latecomers have been asked to leave or have left a negative impression on an interviewer, effectively ending their chances of being selected.

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