Nourish your Hair with the Best Olive oils in India; Check details

olive oil

Olive oil has ton of benefits for your hair.  Some people use it for the skin and overall health but it is fantastic for hair growth and development. Olive oil is used in cosmetics, medicine, cooking and soaps.

Natural Benefits of olive oil

1. Olive oil is anti inflammatory it soothes the swelling and redness which is caused due to acne.

2. Olive oil contains vitamin E which reduces the radical damage and slows down the aging process of the cells of our body.

3. Olive oil has vitamin K which reduces the risk of bone fractures.

4. Olive oil contains Omega3 and Omega 6 Swhich keep our skin hydrated and younger looking.

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Main benefits of olive oil for Hair

1. Olive oil kicks the dandruff out of our hair you can add little lemon juice in olive oil and massage it gently on your hair to have dandruff free hair.

2. Olive oil softens your hair even in dry months of winters it acts as a serum for hair and it prevents split ends to occur.

3. Olive oil removes the excess build up of sebum in our hair and thus promotes hair growth.

4. Olive oil reduces the irritation of the scalp and thus gives you clean scalp.

Negative effect of olive oil

Some people are allergic to olive oil and extra consumption of olive oil will cause diarrhea so if you are allergic don’t use it.

5 Best Olive Hair oils for Hair growth

1. Figaro Olive oil- it is one of the popular brands of Olive oil it nourish the scalp and provide shiny hair  it reduces the dandruff and dryness of the scalp. This is very mild and rich in antioxidants thus promotes hair growth. It is chemical free oil with loads of Vitamin E and antioxidants which is best for hair growth

2. Urban Botanics Olive oil – Urban Botanics olive oil is full of Vitamin A and E antioxidants which moisturize your hair. It makes your hair healthier, shinier and strong. This oil is anti inflammatory and free from alcohol best to use on your hair.

3. Green and Brown extra virgin Oil– it is best and extracted from fresh olives. Some other oils like almond olive and jojoba sunflower oils are infused in it. It is Full of Vitamin A, D and K. This olive oil helps in removing dandruff from the hair and removes the dryness and provides smooth and strong hair. It protects the hair from hair pollution which is the cause of damage.

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4. Hair & Care Olive and vitamin E Oil-The hair and Care olive oil is filled with Vitamin E and it is non sticky. It gives your hair extra shine and nourishment. It reduces the hair loss and promotes hair growth. It is benefits of aloe Vera and Green tea. It is Non Sticky and repairs hair from pollution.

5. Del Monte classic Olive Oil- this is the best hair oil which makes your hair strong and promoted hair growth. it is sold pressed oil and ideal for hair treatment. There are no trans fats in it and it is free from argemone oil.

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