Planning for a vacation pick out the best travel bags for your long vacation trip

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If you are a lover of nature and want to travel on weekends and planning for a long vacation trip it’s time to pick a trendy and best travel bag for you. Going for a short weekend trip needs lightweight and small travel bags. Travel bags should be compact and having lots of compartments to carry anywhere. There are so many options available in the market according to your travel requirements. You have to pick the best latest one for weekends or long summer vacation trips. Let’s discuss the qualities you look in a travel bag to finalize.

1. Size and weight- A travel bag should be lightweight and easy to carry and must be big enough to carry everything you want to take with you. If you are planning for a weekend gateway you have to pick a smaller bag with good space. Planning for long vacation needs a big bag but again lightweight with lots of compartments to fulfil the vacation need requirement.

2. Trendy and spacious- it should be trendy as well as spacious. Backpacks today are coming with water bottle holsters external compartments and waterproof features. So look out the essential features that are coming in recent bags.

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3.  Comfortable- if your luggage bag is without wheels it should be comfortable enough to carry on your shoulder and back. Bags straps should be durable and able to carry the desired weight.

Types of Travel bags for vacation

1. Backpacks-if you are a fitness freak and going for a hiking trip a backpack is your favourite choice for hiking. Backpacks are normally durable, easy to carry and can hold all your essentials during hiking. Always buy backpacks which are coming with padded shoulder as it will provide support to your back and water resistant

2. Duffel bag- duffel bags are big bags and fits essentials in it like a suitcase. If you are planning a one or two day trip these are best to carry you can pack your clothes in it. There is a huge variety of duffel bags are available in the market. You can pick according to latest design and fashion. Duffel bags are coming in variety like rolling duffel bags these are coming with wheels and these are more stylish and more expensive than normal duffel bags.

3. Tote Bag- if you are having kids with you and want to carry so many items of eating with you all the time you can buy a tote bag. It is big enough to carry all your things. Pack your things neatly in it and carry all the essentials for a weekend trip.

4. Hardside bags – these are most durable and best for long vacation trips these are rigid and big and weather resistant as well. As they are coming with spinner wheels these are easy to carry for holiday trips.

5. Messanger bags- messenger bags are a type of courier bags you can carry as cross body. You can carry small essentials in it and carry like a purse with you. These are best for people who are bikers they can carry their essentials easily in it.

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