Popular kids watches brands in India


Investing in a watch is a sign of classic style. It will help you keep on track with your personal style and life goals. This essential accessory is unisex, sleek, stylish, and utilitarian all at the same time. From the premium market to the mainstream market, there are several brands, sizes, and forms of watches to choose from. Branded watches are in high demand in India, and each one of them frequently has a distinct cool factor and status indicator. Each brand of watch and clock almost has its own distinct personality, and how a watch is worn can say a lot about the wearer.

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Most of these brands are already trying to diversify their portfolio and try to get into the category of kids watches. Let’s discuss the popular ones in Kids segment.

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1. Titan-Titan Company is one of the largest watch manufacturers in the world. The premier watch brand of the Tata Group sells its products in 11000 or more brands of retail establishments. This business uses cutting-edge technology to continually introduce new, authentic products. In terms of modern technology, it offers children’s watches. It provides a wide range of design possibilities and options for customers with different budgets. Along with the already available analogue alternatives, it also includes a variety of children’s digital watches.

2. Maxima-The Maxima watches are produced by PA Time Industries. In sports watches and Ana-Digi activewear watches, it has established a niche for itself. It is one of those well-known watch firms in India with a wide variety of sports watches, adventure watches, divers’ watches, and ethnic clocks. When it comes to children’s watches, there are a tonne of alternatives. It is also a well-known producer of children’s watches.

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3. Casio-Japanese electronics were Casio’s main area of expertise. It is a popular watch brand all around the world. It offers a selection of elegant clocks. These and other watchmakers are available in India through a variety of retail and online purchase options. The company also has a wide selection of stylish, modern designs for kids. Casio is one of the companies that is now experiencing a lot of buzz in the industry.

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4. Sonata-One of the watch brands that the Titan Company has launched is Sonata. It is one of India’s most well-known watch manufacturers. There are more than 700 watches that are suitable for everyday use. It is strong and goes well with a business attire. A area specifically for younger customers is also present. Although there are many design possibilities available for kids watches, it is one of Titan’s most well-known brands and the watches are still reasonably priced.

5. Fast track- It is a Titan Company brand that was created with the idea of appealing to young people. There were Indian watch brands available, but they weren’t made exclusively for teenagers and young adults.

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Thus, Titan debuted Fast rack in 1998 and made it a standalone brand in 2001. This firm offers a wide variety of styles and designs for children’s watches. Due to the availability of numerous styles and the affordable price at launch, it quickly became popular. Its line of children’s watches expanded rapidly over time, and it is currently one of the most well-known producers of children’s watches in the nation.

6. Timex- The second-most well-known watch brand in India is likely Timex. Italian design is used to the benefit of a German corporation. It manufactures reliable analogue and chronograph clocks for both sexes. For men’s timepieces, there are more alternatives. Children’s watches come in a wide range of design options. This is also a well-known producer of children’s watches and one of the country’s oldest businesses.

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7. Emporio Armani- This high-end Italian brand is regarded as one of India’s leading watch producers. Keep a watch out for Armani in upcoming discounts on Amazon or elsewhere if you’d like to wrap your wrists around one. Armani takes pride in having cutting-edge technology and distinct flair. The brand mostly offers customers timepieces with classic designs, and the children’s watch selection follows suit. Although their watches are pricey and have a luxury appearance, making them suitable for the wealthy, the designs nevertheless feel unique.

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