Posters of Bollywood are copied from Hollywood


Phantom The poster of Phantom was copied from the Hollywood movie “HomeFront”. Murder 2 Bollywood’s one of the sensational movie called “Murder 2” has the same poster like “Bad Guy”, which is a Korean film based on a girl, where a man has trapped a girl towards prostitution and later becomes protective of her. Baahubali Baahubali is one of the…

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37 upcoming Bollywood movies to watch out for in 2019


2019 first month’sisalreadt over and with every New Year comes a new group of Bollywood films. The earlier year saw the longshots (Andhadhun, Tumbbad, Raazi) rise the huge victors and substance ruled kind, making one increasingly idealistic about what the following 365 days will look like for Hindi movies. It is said that around 40 movies are set to be…

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2018 has been such a good year for all the Bollywood movie lovers. From Padmaavat to Sanju, this year has truly been a remarkable year for all of us. Indian movies never fail to mesmerise us with colours, story, drama, and songs. Bollywood is our lifeline and on that note here are the top 7 Bollywood releases 2018 has seen.…

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Don’t miss these upcoming Bollywood movies!


Who doesn’t like to watch movies on a weekend? The insane drama, comedies, actions, and emotions, who wouldn’t like to invest in them? But guess what, world’s movie capital is actually not Hollywood! Guess, who is it? It’s us, our own Bollywood industry. Who would have thought right? But, that’s the truth everybody! Thanks to our beloved Bollywood industry for…

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Ranbir Kapoor Unsure About Marrying Alia Bhatt?


Alright, so what’s hot in the entertainment biz nowadays! Priyanka Chopra is engaged to the youngest Jonas brother Nick and Ranveer and Deepika wedding news which is soon going to happen in November has made many speculators talk about the most happening couple in town. Guess who? Alia and Ranbir! Rumours are they might also tie the knot soon. Ranbir’s…

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8 Bollywood Movies You Need to Watch


A Wednesday starring actors like Naseeruddin shah and anupam kher, the movie is filled with some amazing dialogues and the plot of the movie is very interesting. Naseeruddin shah has a dual personality in this movie, one is of a common man who is just a regular person in front of his family and the other is the one which…

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