The Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones under Rs. 5,000


The time is long gone when people used to have half of their time dedicated to untangling the wire of their earphone or headphone. Then there was a time when people got a bit fancy and they got their hands on Bluetooth earphones, headphones and speaker. With the introduction of all these things, people started loosing interest in getting buying wired products. And why not, if they are getting something better, shouldn’t they just go for it? And a long way from its creation the Bluetooth devices have become an inseparable part of our life. They have developed a lot and got a lot of features embedded in them.

You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money on it. There are a lot of brands that provide decent quality of Bluetooth headphones under the price tag of 5000 INR. So if you are looking for one of those then this the right place for you. Just read till the end and you might find the best one for yourself.

Boat Rockerz 510

The Boat Rockerz 510 is one of the best Bluetooth headphones available in the market. The headphones come in 4 color variant and has a price tag of 2999 INR only. They are comfortable and have a battery backup of up to 10 hours. Although you will have to compromise with the sound cancellation but then the company had given a great shot of bass in the device. Each time you listen to a song with bass up, you are going to hell enjoy the song with the beats. With Bluetooth, you can also use it with the cable that is provided by the brand. It has a compatibility with both iOS as well as Android.

Boat Rockerz 400

Yes you heard that right. There is another boat device making to our list and on the second position. The boat Rockerz 400 is a smaller but a decent pick for you. This one has a playback time of up to 8 hours and the sound leak from the headphone is negligible to zero. These headphones have a range of up to 10 metres. Isn’t this enough for you to get this one. These headphones are going to cost you not more than 2000 INR. The rates depend on the color and website you are ordering.


With so many boat competitors making their way to the top, JBL leaves no room for any other brand to make their share in the list of even the headphones under 5000 INR. JBL E45BT is a masterpiece for those who want the JBL stamp and don’t want to spend much on it as well. You are getting a better microphone quality in these headphones which make it a better option for you guys.

Leaf Force

There are so many options for people looking for good sound quality and in this race, leaf is not behind. Leaf Force is one of the best options that you can have in your bag because they have a whole lot of qualities that you can refrain yourself from. From a light and eye-arresting design to the beautiful color that is imparted in the headphones. You also get to enjoy the 25 hours battery life with this. People also love to have these padded headbands that are put on the inner side of the device to give you an extra comfort.

iball Decibel BT01

I ball is one brand that has been in business for a long time now. You get to enjoy the assured things with the brand and one thing that has been there in this brand for a long time is the consistency. I ball decibel BT01 is a good option with a price tag of just 1000 INR. There are a few good options for you to get but then the best part about this product is the Alexa enabled character. You can now get this headphone from various website and it has a cushioning from three side including the head and the ears.

iBall BreatheM Smart LED Headset

Talking about budget friendly headphones how can we forget the iBall BreatheM Smart LED Headset? This beautifully crafted headphone is will just cost you not more than 1000 INR. One of the best features about this one is the Alexa enable feature. You can link it with Echo and command it with Alexa. Isn’t it great to use? And that too with a good price tag? The device has a good battery back up of up to 10 hours and you just need to charge it for 2 hours max. So isn’t that great for a person to have?

Apart from this you have a few other options but if I were in place of you, one of these would have been my definite options.

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