Tips and tricks – Get rid of the stretch marks naturally; Check details


Stretch marks – Stretch marks is a type of scar which develops with the stretch or shrink of the skin. This kind of sudden change in the skin causes the collagen and elastin to rupture and when the skin heels stretch mark may appear. Sometimes changing hormones in the body will also be the reason of stretch marks. The main cause behind stretch marks are pregnancy, puberty and rapid weight loss or gain. Like any other scar stretch marks are also permanent but with the accurate treatment we can make them less noticeable. Some natural remedies are there if you follow them it will work wonders for your skin stretch marks.

Aloe Vera gel – if you are using aloe Vera gel directly from the plant it will improve your skin quality and can heal your skin tissues.

Sesame oil, Coconut oil or Almond oil is best for skin if you are using these oils on daily basis.

Kokum butter will also be a good option for skin issues.

You can also choose cocoa butter for glowing and stretch free skin

If you eating a good diet your skin will be youthful. Add avocado, oily fish nuts and seeds in your diet to have wonderful skin.

If you are a vegetarian you can add chia seeds or flex seeds in your diet.

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