Tips to control hair fall by taking care of hair hygiene


Hair fall can be the result of heredity or hormonal changes weather conditions, tough medical condition of the body or can be a normal part of ageing as well. Most commonly men face hairfall commonly and became bald soon. Baldness is the condition when you are facing excessive hair fall. If you are facing hereditary hair loss with ageing effect it will be the reason behind your baldness in future.

Main causes of hair loss

1. Some kind of nutritional deficiency like lack of Zinc, Iron, Copper and proteins in your diet can lead to hair loss problem.

2. Sometimes hormonal imbalance also leads to the severe hair fall Problem.

3. If you are facing thyroid issue it will also lead to hair fall problem.

4. if you are using birth control pills the side effects of these pills can cause hair fall problem.

5. if you are using hairstyling  products like use of straightener, hair zel, pins other products like chemicals on hair for straitening purpose it will lead to hair damage and can cause hair fall problem.

6. Stress – taking too much stress is also a great cause of hairfall.

Hair Hygiene to control hairfall

1. Always avoid those hairstyles which pull out your hair.

2. Lower the usage of high heat styling tools like hair straightener or hair drier.

3. Always avoid chemical treatment on your hair or bleach of hair.

4. Always use a mild shampoo on your hair.

5. Always use a soft brush or comb for your hair.

6. eat a good diet which includes eggs, berries, Spinach, Avocados, Nuts to have good hair growth.

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