Koo has started Yellow Tick of Eminence; Check Details


Indian Micro blogging Platform Koo is called on its users for the yellow tick of Eminence. Now the users on this app will get yellow tick of verification on its account. It celebrates a users’ Eminence, achievements, abilities and its professional standing in the society. The company in a statement confirms that it can be an Artist Scholar any sportsperson Politician or a businessman.

All the requests of Eminence will be evaluated in internal research, third party public resources and Indian context. This App is presented in many languages .It will foray in to all the 22 Indian languages in this year. It is an Indian home-grown alternative to twitter.

Procedure to Apply for Koo’s yellow Tick

1. This App welcomes all those on the platform to apply for Yellow Tick. And all the request will be evaluated on Internal research third party public resources and in Indian context.

2. This Eminence criteria Will be reviewed by a special team quarterly every year in the month of March, june September and December.

3. Only one percent of the requests received will be confirmed for the Yellow tick provided that the Eminence is not misused or granted at will.

4. You can easily apply for yellow tick within the koo app or by writing to eminence.verification@kooapp.com you will be provided a evaluation response within 10 days of applying for the same. Some cases the response will be delayed in order for the criteria to be met.

5. You can check the detailed criteria for applying the koo eminence yellow tick on https://www.kooapp.com/eminence

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