Tips to take care of your Dry skin in winters


Cold and dry air outside in winters disrupts the skin in winters. we have dry, itchy Skin for everyone. When we go out we face chilled air and inside heat will make the problem of skin worse and lead to cracked and bleeding skin. Our skin sometimes look worse in winters we have to deal with rapidly changing atmosphere hot to cold like when we move from indoors to outdoors. Harsh winter winds will damage the skin lets discuss some natural home remedies and tricks you can follow for dry skin in winter

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How you can maintain your skin in winters

1. First you have to maintain a healthy diet which should be full of fruits and juices which will keep your skin healthy and radiant.

2.  Don’t use too much hot water for bathing always use lukewarm water for bathing in winters hot water will make your skin dry and cracked.

3. Use the best cold creams for smooth skin in winters.

4. Always cover yourself in winters and don’t get too much exposed to cold air as it is harmful to skin.

5. Try to use natural products for make up as natural products are mild on skin and does not cause any damage.

Tips and tricks you can use to take care of your skin in winters

1. Stay Hydrated- keep your skin hydrated in winters as the air is dry in winters so water evaporates from your body and the skin becomes dry and dull so if you want to maintain the moisture level in your skin keep your skin hydrated drink lots of water.

2. Cover your skin- you have to protect your skin from cold winds if you are going out on regular basis in winters. Always wear gloves and caps and apply sunscreen lotion on your body. The warm sun rays in winters are looking favorable but be aware of the UV rays which can affect your skin badly. Too much sun exposure is bad for your skin cells.

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3. Exfoliate with ease- Whenever you exfoliate your skin in winters you have to be extra conscious if you have dry skin exfoliate gently and if you have oily skin once a week of exfoliation is fine for skin.

4. Care of your hands- you should give extra care to the skin of hands the moisture escapes from hands quickly as hand skin has few oil glands and prone to cracks and itching so whenever you go out apply a good moisturizer on your hand.

5. Feet care- you can use glycerin based creams and jelly on your feet and exfoliate the skin of feet occasionally to have better skin. Clean feet can absorb moisturizer quickly.

6. Follow a Good skin care routine- you have to follow a good skin care routine even in winters cleanse your skin on regular basis in the morning and before going to bed. Wash your face and apply moisturizer you should use a heavy moisturizer at night as well. Whenever you wash your skin apply moisturizer as washed skin absorbs moisturizer better.

7. Good diet- if you want to make your skin perfect you have to consume good diet consume a lot of seasonal vegetables and fruits. You can add berries in your diet as berries are full of vitamins and antioxidants which will make your skin healthy and radiant. You can have full hydration with the consumption of milk, juices soups and salads.

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