Top Car speaker brands available in India


Music in car plays an important role in our lives.  You can pass your time and it is also a great way to enhance our driving experience. Car speakers are best to enjoy while going for the long journeys. If you want to enjoy the sound fully you must pick the best sound quality and the strong bass speakers. People today will check the best audio system in the car while choosing a new car for themselves. If you are lover of listening to good music while driving, you must invest your hard-earned money on the right product. Let’s discuss the best car speakers available in the market.

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Best car speakers available in the market in India

1. Sony – With the XS-FB162E 2-way coaxial speakers from Sony, you can listen to all of your music while traveling in the best possible sound clarity. These speakers feature a firmly built woofer for powerful, tight bass response and a balanced dome tweeter for pristine sound across the entire frequency range. These speakers take up little room and are simple to setup. It can handle a lot of electricity, with a 40W rated output and a maximum of 260 W.

2. JBL – These are coaxial speaker with max power 350W 47W RMS it has rubber enclosure with PEI Balanced dome tweeter. It has frequency response of  55HZ to 20KHz with onboard crossover. it provides signature JBL sound at an attractive price.

3. Pioneer– this firm is Tokyo based multinational firm which entered in the Indian market with the range of audio products. It is very light in weight and has less mounting depth for easy installation.  It is designed with an aluminium voice coil bobbin to safeguard it from the heat. It has the frequency range of 31 HZ to 35000 HZ it will provide crystal clear sound and energetic listening experience.

4. Basoholic– it has 2 ways coaxial with a size of 6.5 inches it has a rated power of 90W and peak power of 460 watts  with tweeter 3.5cm. it has frequency response of 50-20KHZ. It has imported foam edge for the punchy sound. It has high power voice coil for strong bass and water-resistant cone come with the sensitivity of 90Db.

5. JXL– it comes with the 600-watt max output and PFI tweeter and Hop woofer in built system. It comes with the one-year manufacturer’s warranty. This is basically the 3-way speakers will provide you the super quality sound. It has unique features like speaker is good in sound and it gives loud and clear performance has a high efficiency multi-layer rubber cone designed to reproduce sound clearly with outstanding responsiveness. It is best suitable for the car doors with 6-inch speakers’ space like alto, alto 800 and many other cars.

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6. Infinity primus – This kit has 6.5 inches of polypropylene driver with tweeter 3/4 silk drone tweeter. It has sensitivity of 92 DB.  It has frequency response 55HZ to 20KHZ with nominal 3 will give you the amplifier room to reach the peak power for increased depth and detail. There are seven primus models for easy installation in any vehicle whether it a truck or a limo.

7. Fredo- Fredo is one brand which provides exclusive range of products for the buyers which definitely ensures good sound quality, durable products and affordable range.  It also comes with easy installation and 1 year warranty. These speakers featured a cone that is made up of non-pressed paper to provide accurate and sharp punch.  It has a voice coil of 1.5 inch diameter which is high temperature resistant and works very well in hot temperatures.

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