Popular Single door Refrigerators available in India

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A refrigerator is a necessity in today’s modern kitchen. It is an essential investment which is almost a need in every season of the year like summer, winters, Rainy and you can store food and vegetables moreover it will keep the freshness alive in the vegetables and slowing down the bacterial growth in them.  The market has multiple options for fridges, depending on your requirements and space. Single door refrigerators are best to buy for the small households.  So if you are also looking for an energy efficient smart and cool single door refrigerator, let’s discuss the best options available in your budget. 

Best Single door refrigerators available online

1. Samsung 198L inverter direct cool single door refrigerator- This refrigerator is economical and cooling without any fluctuation.  Its capacity is 198 litres and suitable for a family of 2 to 3 members. It has 5 star energy rating which is proved to be the best among all.  It has spill proof toughened glass base stand drawer.  It can runs on home inverter. It runs on digital inverter technology which provides operation in less noise and a long lasting performance it automatically adjusts speed in response to the cooling demand. It provides stabilizer free operation as it keeps working steadily and reliably. If the voltage increases too much it automatically cuts the power to prevent electrical damage.

Best Buy From Amazon

Best Buy From Amazon

2. LG 185 L Inverter direct cool single Door refrigerator- This refrigerator may be used by small homes. It gets a 5-star rating and is the most effective product in its category. It has a smart inverter compressor that provides unmatched performance, fantastic cost savings, and incredibly silent operation. The state-of-the-art smart connect technology lets you connect your refrigerator to a home inverter in case of a power outage.

3. Godrej 180 L4 star direct cool single door refrigerator- With its turbo chilling technology, this refrigerator can make ice up to 10% quicker and cold bottles up to 24% faster. The finest cold retention in the refrigerator is ensured by the best in class PUF insulation, ensuring continued freshness even during protracted power outages. It provides the finest relief from the summer heat since it contains the largest 16.5 litre freezer in its capacity category, which can hold a lot of ice cream and frozen goods. Each shelf is composed of toughened glass, which can support weights of up to 150 kg.

4. Whirlpool 5 star rating inverter direct cool single door refrigerator- It offers 12 hours of milk preservation during power outages and 7 days of garden freshness. 99% of bacterial development is prevented by micro block technology, which also prolongs the freshness. Even with large voltage fluctuations, it allows stabilizer-free operation and is the best ice maker. Your veggies will stay as fresh as possible for a longer period of time in its vegetable crisper thanks to its honey comb moisture lock in technology.

5. Haier 195 L direct cool single door refrigerator- This refrigerator has a 1-hour icing technology that guarantees faster ice creation within 60 minutes in addition to incredibly quick cooling. It can accommodate a medium-sized family and has a capacity of 195 liters. Compressor warranty is for ten years, and product warranty is for one year. It has PUF insulation, which aids in effectively maintaining low temperatures for greater cooling. It is entirely designed for kid safety purposes and has a child lock, a door, and a key to assist prevent any child or toddler from reaching the refrigerator.

6. Panasonic 197 L Direct cool refrigerator- The interior of the Panasonic 197 3 star direct cool single door refrigerator is 99.9% bacteria and mould free. It offers a huge veggie box with wholesome and clean cuisine.

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