Top Paneer Brands available in India


A balanced, high-protein diet should include milk and milk products. One of the prominent milk products that is highly nutritious and a favourite among Indians is paneer. A high-protein diet promotes muscle growth, reduces hunger, aids in the burning of belly fat, and aids in weight reduction. There are several brands that sell high-quality paneer on the market. Let’s talk about the top manufacturers of excellent paneer.

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Best Paneer brands available in the market

1. Amul Paneer- Amul paneer is rich in milk proteins. it is pure and hygienic . it has smooth, uniform texture and soft. It can be cubed and stir fried ,grilled ,scrambled picked , smoked, baked and barbecued or can be served in soups. Amul malai paneer is having high fat and low moisture compared to loose paneer available in market . Paneer having smooth , uniform texture and softness.

2. Ananda- Ananda offers a hygienic and international quality paneer which is having smooth, uniform texture and softness it is high on fat and low on moisture. It is one of the trusted packed paneer which is untouched by the hand and is specially prepared to fulfill the Daily protein requirement.

3. Mother diary- it is rich in protein and fat contents which is smooth , soft and uniform texture . it has high nutritional value. It has fresh and soft paneer can be grilled, barbequed or cooked with gravies for preparing delectable Indian cuisines.

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4. Nandini paneer- this paneer is created by using the byproduct of blanched milk which is drained and solidified.. This product is known as cottage cheese or paneer. It is a well known source of protein calcium and other nutrients which help in preserving good bone health .it is also a good supplement for the heavier versions of cheese. Nadini brand is a renowned Indian culinary brand that brings you the purest and best dairy products. the nandini brand of paneer is one of the freshest products that you can use in a number of dishes.

5. Aashirwad paneer- creamy and soft Aashirwad svasti paneer is made from high quality milk and is packed using a special vaccum pack technology which ensures good texture and softness even after cooking. It is creamy soft and tasty and retains softness even after cooking it is made up of high quality ingredients.

6. Patanjali paneer- 100% cow’s milk is used to make Patanjali Paneer, which is a great source of calcium and protein for everyone. It is prepared by curdling milk with acidic ingredients like lemon or vinegar. Its minimal fat level made it the top choice for people who wish to keep their weight in check. You may eat it by itself or add it to other meals as an ingredient.

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7. Seahath Paneer- it is rich in protein and ready to eat product which is 100% vegetarian. It is made up with fresh milk and boost our immunity and regulates the blood sugar it aids in weight regulation and helps improving the digestion system . it has 15 months of shelf life and no refrigeration required

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