Promote Your Business by adding links to instagram stories; Check How


Instagram has millions of followers worldwide. Most of us are promoting our business through instagram. Instagram recently has removed the restriction which allowed selected users to paste links on their instagram stories. Now anybody who has an active account on instagram can add links to their stories by new link sticker option. Earlier it is used by some verified accounts but now with an active account you can easily post links to any part of your story. Earlier the swipe up method of linking stories on instagram was only available to those users who are having 10000+ followers. But now this restriction has removed now all users can post a link on instagram stories using link stickers.

Step by Step process to add links to your stories

As the feature of adding links can be accessible by anybody now the company recently announced the global rollout of link stickers the link can be pasted anywhere on instagram stories. Follow the simple steps underlined to paste link in to your story.

Open your instagram  account and swipe right. Now you can see option of story here . You can either post a photo or video here.

When the photo or video get inserted swipe up to the stickers tray . the link option should show up just below GIF and next to poll widget options.

Now click on the link option and paste the URL you want to add in to your story.

The link will show like any other sticker in to your instagram story. It can be moved around or can be placed any part of the story.

You can click on the URL and it will redirect to the URL published.

You can post the story in to your account by clicking the share option.

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