Top Practices For Reusing Cell Phones


It can be enjoyable to buy a new smartphone, tablet, laptop, or wearable. However, once you’ve set up your new device, you could start to wonder what to do with your old one. Are you thinking about putting it in that messy drawer with your other obsolete gadgets and charging cables? Maybe you should see whether a family member could make good use of it. The problem is that you can’t just throw away your old smartphone. Instead, you should look at reuse opportunities that would be good for the environment and you.

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1. Convert an Old Phone Into a Security Camera-You can turn your old smartphone into a security camera, which is a very efficient way to reuse it. Installing a home security app on your mobile device will enable you to do this. By providing a variety of functionalities, these programs let you use an outdated Android or iPhone (Explore 5 International Adventures Instead Of Buying An iPhone) as a webcam or baby monitor. You may also set up motion detection so that the camera starts recording anytime it detects movement in its range of vision.

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2. Convert Your Old Phone Into A Dash Camera- Repurposing your old phone as a dashcam is a smart choice if you drive. Simply download a dashcam app to your outdated mobile smartphone. With the help of this program, you may quickly record your travels and store video for later use. Additionally, when you’re driving, your old phone can work as a baby monitor. This can be accomplished by downloading a baby monitor app that enables you to keep a careful eye on your child during car travels, such as Baby Monitor 3G, Dormi, or Cloud Baby Monitor.

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3. Use An Old Phone As A Piggy Bank As Recycling-There are still inventive uses for broken iPhones and old clamshell phones that are no longer working. It can be changed into a distinctive and fashionable wallet. You’ll need to disassemble the phone in order to accomplish this, taking out every internal component but the outside cover. With older keypad-based models like Nokia phones, this strategy performs especially effectively. You can be creative with how you decide to use your phone as a wallet, depending on the type you have.

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4. Convert an Old Phone Into a GPS Tracker-When navigating unknown regions, having accurate directions is crucial. When you need to find a certain area for travel or safety, an old cell phone can become the best GPS gadget. Choose and install a navigation app that can preload maps in order for this to work. After that, get a good phone mount for your dashboard to make sure you can see and hear the directions clearly while driving. It is more effective to use your old phone as a dedicated GPS tracker rather than your primary cell phone for this function. Smartphones frequently perform a large number of background tasks, which quickly depletes their battery life. You may make sure that your old phone is only running the navigation app by identifying it as your GPS device.

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