Top ways to bring wealth And good Energy into your home


The entryway of a home is very important in Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian science of construction. It is said to be the entrance point for energy, chances, and fortune into the home.

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You may create a calming and welcoming ambiance that draws positivity and abundance by according to Vastu recommendations for arranging accessories and décor near the entry.

Keep everything clean and orderly Lit- A clear entryway ensures that energy enters the house smoothly. Maintain a tidy and orderly entry area to encourage the free flow of positive energy. An inviting atmosphere is encouraged by enough illumination at the entry, especially at night.

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Pick the Correct Colors- Vastu places a high value on color. For the entry door, choose hues like green, blue, or even varying tones of brown. These hues are linked to development, serenity, and stability. Avoid using dark, dismal hues since they might deflect good energy.

Placement of Mirrors- Mirrors at the entry ought should face the sidewalls rather than the entrance itself. Mirrors have the ability to magnify and reflect energy, thus strategically placing them guarantees that positive energy is preserved within the house while deflecting negative energy.

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Include Prosperous Symbols-Use lucky symbols like Om, Swastik, or the holy Kalash to adorn the entryway. It is said that using these symbols can bring wealth and good vibes into the home.

Plants and foliage- According to Vastu, placing plants at the entryway is highly recommended. The color green stands for life and progress. However, stay away from prickly plants since they may bring bad energy. For plants that have a positive vibe and purify the air, consider holy basil or money plants.

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Greeting rugs and mats- Make sure your welcome carpets or mats are colorful and hospitable. Pick natural, warm colors to make the space feel more friendly. Mats should be positioned such that they face inward to represent inviting positive energy and opportunity into the house.

Stay away from obstacles and clutter- There shouldn’t be any debris or barriers at the entry that might obstruct the passage of energy. Make sure the entrance’s walkway is well-lit and welcoming to encourage a positive entry.

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You may create a warm and prosperous atmosphere at the entrance to your home by putting these Vastu principles into practice. By aligning your entry with these principles, you are laying the groundwork for a harmonious and prosperous life. Vastu is all about creating harmony and balance. Open your arms to wealth and make a good first impression!

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