Top weighting machine brands for your home use


People are today so much health conscious. They want to maintain their ideal body weight. If you want to track the daily progress of your weight you have to buy a best weighting machine for your daily usage. lets discuss best brands available in India.

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Best weighting machine brands for your home use

1. Healthgenie Digital Weight Machine- it has sporty look makes it stand alone and perfectly satisfy your buying. Its design will also complement well with your floor. It has automatic functionality like auto power off, auto zero, low battery and over load indication are few of its automatic features that ease its usage. This weight machine for body weight comes with thick tempered glass, round corners and anti skid platform to avoid any injury/ accident while usage. It has 3 years of offsite warranty against any manufacturing defect.

2. beatXP smartplus weighting scale- Beat smart plus BMI weight machine has high precision Acu-Gauge  sensors to give precise readings  in the range of 2.5 to 180Kg. it is equipped with modern step on technology for quick activation  and easy calibration . it has a body composition scale  with advanced BIA technology to measure  13 essential body parameters like body weight, body mass index, body fat percentage, fat free Body weight.

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3. Renpho scale for body weight- Renpho body scale  connect with apps to help motivate toward your goals , save historical data and track your daily  weekly and monthly progress via Bluetooth. It has auto calibration, high precision sensors measure in increments of more capacity. It has 4 high sensitive electrodes, step on technology and 5mm high quality tempered glass platform.

4. Dr trust digital weight machine- It can monitor 18 important bodily parameters, such as body mass index (BMI), bone density, muscle, BFR, protein rate, age, and body fat. The reduced power usage scale may be recharged using any common Android USB cord and a USB port. It features accurate sensing technology. It has four highly accurate sensors. The 2.0 scale guarantees unparalleled precision and dependability in the production of prompt findings.

5. vandelay smart digital electronic weighting machine- It can easily track 15 different indicators, including weight, BMI, heart rate, heart index, and many others. It comes with a one-year warranty and guarantees accurate findings.

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6. Acer Digital weighting machine – it is very easy to use rectangle digital electronic weighting scale designed with rugged ABS base and thick tempered glass top. It is strong and heavy duty and of extremely high quality you have to place it on the flat surface to get accurate reading. It has inbuilt low battery alerts and overload indications. The device uses 2XAAA batteries which are provided with the package. It has 1 year warranty sleek design and smooth edges.

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7. Boldfit weighting machine- it has high precision sensors with core technology which is responsible for the accuracy of body weight scales. It is equipped with 4 professional sensors which provide precise measurements. It has unique design which fits easily in to your home. It has easy to read display with automatic on/off and extra large LCD screen displays your weight clearly at a glance.

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