Essential nutrients all women must include in her diet


The body of a woman undergoes many changes, like menstrual cycles, pregnancy to menopause, so it is very important to get a check on the lack of essential nutrients in your body. A healthy and balanced diet is required for proper growth of a woman’s body. A women’s body undergoes multiple transitions during the course of life and there are so many nutrients that are deficient in our bodies. So you have to include the best nutrients in your daily diet if you want to lead a healthy life.

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Essential nutrients for proper growth of women’s body

1. Iron- women’s bodies have heavy periods and menstrual cycles which tend to lose a lot of iron from the body. It is essential for the proper growth, carrying oxygen to the body tissues and creation of various hormones. If a women’s body has a lack of iron, it will cause anemia in the body. You can add nuts, seafood, beans and vegetables to your diet to fight the lack of iron in the body.

2. Folic acid and vitamin B – vitamin B are an essential nutrient for the creation of new cells in your body and folic acid is quite helpful during the pregnancy stage,  which helps in developing the baby’s brain , spinal cord.  You can add nuts, beans, spinach and orange juice to your body for the proper growth of the baby.

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3. Vitamin D- A lot of women today lack vitamin D in their body and the natural source of vitamin D is sunlight. It is advised to sit in the morning sunlight for at least 20 minutes if you are facing a lack of vitamin D in your body. It is the most important vitamin for the bones, immunity and reducing inflammation in the body and crucial for cell growth. You can even add egg yolks, cheese or fortified milk in your body as these foods are rich in vitamin D.

4. Calcium- bone health is the most important thing for a woman’s body.  Intake of calcium is necessary for adults as well as mature women. During adulthood, the bones can absorb the calcium well. You can add milk , cheese and yogurt to your diet to fill the calcium need.

5. Magnesium- if you want to have a healthy pregnancy, magnesium is important for keeping muscles and nerves working properly,   it will regulate the blood sugar and blood pressure level. So you can add nuts, spinach , oats, dairy products , pumpkin seeds and avocados to your diet.

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6. Probiotics- Probiotics are not the nutrients but they are the essential bacteria found in foods and supplements which offer numerous health benefits. You will find probiotics in a number of foods, like yogurt, fermented milk and unpasteurized apple cider vinegar. It is advised to consult your doctor before buying to make sure that you get the probiotics that best suit your needs.

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