Top wireless powerbanks available in India


Imagine a time in the future where charging is a simple, uncomplicated operation and cords and wires are obsolete. Wireless power banks are a popular choice for on-the-go gadget charging due to their many benefits. When travelling or simply going out for a short while, these gadgets make it simpler for you to keep your devices charged at all times. If you’re looking for the best wireless power banks in India, keep reading to learn how to pick the one that’s right for you!

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1. Mi wireless power bank- This high-end power bank offers 10 W wireless charging to keep your gadgets charged. Its 10000mAh battery can charge your phones several times and charges fully in a few hours. It boasts a 12-layer sophisticated chip protection system that guards against short circuits on the phone. It contains USB-c and USB-A connectors and supports two-way rapid charging. With wireless charging, you may avoid the inconvenience of plugging and unplugging cords because it is built for ease. Two mobile phones or the power bank itself can be charged simultaneously.  You can travel with the convenience you require.

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2. Ambrane magnetic wireless power bank- This 10000 mAh power bank has a massive capacity and can charge your phones multiple times. It offers 15W wireless and 22.5W wired output to charge your devices quickly. This product is Magsafe  compatible  with apple devices as well. It has multiple layers of  chip protection to protect your devices from short circuit. It comes with a sleek stand to place your phone on any flat surface.

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3. Spigen wireless charging power bank- this is wireless power bank with 10000Mah Power and mobile phone stand. It simultaneously charge the power bank and device at once with charging dock and c type cable. It is Compatible with All Mobiles which supports wireless charging. Not Compatible with Smart watches. This Wireless charger can do Charging up to 15W (Fast wireless charge function when used with only power bank or with QC 3.0 adapter).

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4. Portronics wireless power bank- this wireless power bank with an output of 10W to keep your devices charged up. This Type-C offers 18W output to charge all your phones and compatible electronics and wearables. The  LED digital display showcases the battery percentage and other details precisely. its 10000mAh battery capacity charges multiple devices several times in one full charge.

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5. WebMedia Wireless Power Bank- A high-quality power bank that’s compatible with MagSafe and supports 15 W wireless charging. The 10000mAh battery capacity will charge your devices multiple times.  It also comes with USB and C-type connectors for fast wired charging. It is made with a strong plastic body that makes this power bank sturdy and durable. The magnetic leather kickstand allows you to fix the device easily and easily access the mobile screen while charging.

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You can charge much more easily using wireless power banks since they reduce the need for cords. They are small enough to fit in your pocket and can provide rapid charging as well.

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