Tips for parents on how to manage access of their child’s device


Parents can regulate control of their child’s device in terms of the materials viewed and features used with the help of Google Play’s quite handy parental control capabilities. If their child is under 13 years old, parents can register a Google Account for them. They can also control it by using the Family Link app on their smart phones.

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When parental controls are enabled on an Android device, parents can limit or monitor the content that their children download from the Google Play Store or buy on that device based on the child’s maturity level.

But only transactions that use Google Play’s invoicing system will be subject to the purchase approval settings. Listed below are a few of the Google Play parental control options:

Google Play Family Library: This function aids parents in monitoring and regulating the media that their kids access and download. With this, parents can keep an eye on the apps, games, films, TV series, and books that their children have downloaded and installed on the relevant device.

Content check -Google lets parents select different degrees of content filtering based on the adequacy of the apps, games, movies, and TV shows that are accessible through the Play Store. Everyone, Low Maturity, Medium Maturity, and High Maturity are among the filters. According on their child’s age, parents can modify the filter to block access to undesirable content.

App Approval: Before letting their children install an app, parents can examine, accept, or reject the app request using Google Play’s App Approval feature. Using this, parents can manage access to certain apps for their kids.

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Buy Approvals: By activating buy approval and making sure you have control over the spending, parents may avoid unauthorised purchases on their child’s account.

Password protected -Setting up a password or PIN on a Google Play account can add an extra degree of security that prevents unauthorised access or tampering with the parental control settings.

It should be noted that these parental control options may change based on the device and Google Play Store app version.

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