Vastu Colors for Attracting Wealth and Prosperity


Vastu, an ancient Indian practice of space organization, holds that certain colors have the power to attract good fortune and increase wealth. Embracing Vastu’s wisdom does not necessitate a complete overhaul; minor changes in decor or furniture arrangement can significantly alter the energy in your home, influencing the course of your life. If your current goal is to increase your wealth

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Purple magic-Purple, a color associated with spirituality in various traditions, has a distinct place in Indian Vastu. Purple represents material abundance, in addition to its spiritual connotations. It reflects our internal state, the source of our energy. We attract riches by radiating positive energy and feeling complete within ourselves. Vastu recommends deep shades in combination with white and gold for main living areas to add purple to your space. Lilac and lighter tones can be used in bathrooms and bedrooms, but only in moderation to avoid pitfalls.

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Deep Blues-Dark blues in Vastu represent the water element, representing abundance similar to the ebb and flow of the seas. Dark blues are ideal for wealth enhancement and should be introduced in the North zone, which is associated with finances. Blending them with white or beige softens the energy and eliminates potential disruptions. Lighter blues indicate health and family ties. Create a tranquil ambiance by incorporating blues into accent walls, furniture, and decorative elements such as fish tanks.

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The Midas Touch of Gold-According to Vastu principles, gold represents good fortune and is essential for attracting wealth. Although incorporating gold requires skill, it can be worked into the fabric of your home through picture frames, cushions, curtains, wallpapers, or door frames. Strategic placement in the dining room, kitchen, and foyer encourages prosperity and welcomes guests.

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Green-Green in Vastu represents stability, serenity, and fertility—a reflection of nature at its peak. Beyond its association with life, green is a symbol of economic wealth, representing pure prosperity. Vastu experts recommend using houseplants, green fruits, and nature-themed artwork to bring green into various spaces.

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Incorporate these Vastu-approved colors into your home for a simple but effective way to attract prosperity and good fortune. Be prepared, however, for unexpected but delightful side effects—a calmer, more tranquil, and more inviting home that reflects the harmony of Vastu principles.

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